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ADVERSUS Cover Model Olga Novoselova

Olga Novoselova is our new cover model. Actually the definition ‘model’ is too restrictive, Olga is an actress (and a really good one, as you can see in our…

ADVERSUS Cover Model Olga Novoselova
ADVERSUS Cover Model Olga Novoselova

Olga Novoselova is our new cover model. Actually the definition ‘model’ is too restrictive, Olga is an actress (and a really good one, as you can see in our latest short movie “Your Biggest Mistake”) and an entrepreneur. Well, we spent a really nice morning shooting photos and video with Olga. Oh yes, I forgot to add that is all happened in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, where Olga currently lives and enjoys the warm weather, good food, and a very creative and international environment of artists from all over the world.

Olga is Russian, and she has a background as an interior designer, before moving to the United States for two years, and finally settle down in Asia, with Bangkok as her base. For now, at least. Olga has been a really great help in the production of our short movie “Your Biggest Mistake”, both from the creative and acting point of view. Watch the video, because you will be amazed. Read on for the full interview, and do not forget to check her photo gallery, here below.





What is your story?
Studying at the University in Russia I was always thinking that I wanted to do something creative as a profession. I used to do interior design. After a couple of years of this I traveled to the United States of America, for two years. Then I moved back to Russia, and after some time I decided to explore the world, and I went to Asia. When I saw Thailand I just fell in love with this country, this culture, nature, climate is very warm… in comparison with cold Russia is much better for me.

In this place I met great people, great photographers, artists, makeup artists, models, actresses, and this is how I got involved here, and I started acting professionally – I was already doing it back in Russia – but here in Bangkok I started to do it more seriously.

What about acting classes? Do you attend to acting classes also in Bangkok?
Currently in Bangkok I go to several workshops. One of them is a workshop by Kaprice Kea, he is a Film director and casting director from the Great Britain, and he is mostly focusing on physical acting. Also, recently I started to go to the acting classes of a friend of mine, Olga Andrievskaya, she is from the Ukraine, but she is also based in Bangkok. Her acting classes are focused on the emotional state, how to control your emotions, how to let them out. Back in Russia I used to go to the Saint Petersburg acting school, I had a coach – Natalie Sitak – film director. Her method was Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov. It was very useful for me and I still use it in my acting career.

What about your life in Bangkok? What do you do apart from modeling and acting?
Most of my current life in Bangkok is dedicated to modeling and acting, but I also spend a lot of time in Pattaya. Sometimes it feels like I am just having fun there, but I am co-manager of two businesses over there, a restaurant of Russian food and a mini-hotel.

What do you like about Bangkok?
I really love Bangkok, it is a big and developing city, with many businesses and industries. Especially the film industry, there are a lot of artists, actors and actresses here. The art community is really great, there are a lot of exhibitions, I am really blessed to be part of this art community here in Bangkok. There are people of all nationalities and cultures, speak different languages. In Bangkok you can try food cuisine of different nationalities, it is really the place to live in.

What about Thai Boxing?
I started training with Thai Boxing more than three years ago, I really like it, it helps me to be fit, it is really the best physical activity. If I skip even one day I feel like something is not right. So it helps me to let all my stress and negativity go in a good and non violent way.

Your plans for the future?
Now my life showed me that it is better not to plan anything, and just to enjoy what you are doing, and be with those people whom you like and who like you. What I know for sure is that I will keep following my passion, do what I like to do, live where I like to live and just, to say it briefly, my plan for the future is… just to be happy ;-)

You can follow Olga on instagram @olga__official__