Hairstyles and Hair Trends 2014
Let's talk about hair trends and hairstyles for 2014... [READ]

Alberta Ferretti. Summer and Sun
The Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2014 collection is a very... [read]

Antonio Marras Summer 2014
clothes like leaves Balanced chaos, perfect disorder. Matter that changes... [read]

Giambattista Valli S/S 2014
Pastel colors and floral embellishment for the Giambattista Valli... [read]

Lily McMenamy: a new model in town
Lily McMenamy is one of the newest faces in the fashion world. Lily is... [read]

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ADVERSUS Cover Model: Mayte Caimi
Mayte is originally from Argentina, but she currently calls Mexico City her home. This is where she has been living for the last couple of years, and where she will go back when her year of modeling around Asia will be over... [read]
ADVERSUS Cover Model: Kaoru Kikuchi
"I love men who I can just look at and gives me inspiration. Someone who is talented and creative in many ways and is filled with great ideas. It turns me on big time"... [read]
ADVERSUS Cover Model: Triinu Hoolma
Our new cover model is Triinu Hoolma, a sexy, really beautiful and most of all very intelligent model. Does Triinu sounds like a difficult name? You bet, because it is a 100% Estonian name. And in fact Triinu comes from Tallinn, Estonia... [read]

ADVERSUS Cover Model: Momo
Momo is our new cover model. A very special one. Momo is a writer, a graduate in film studies, a traveler. And a very beautiful girl of course. She has a lot of ideas, but she is also very open to new ones... [read]

ADVERSUS Cover Model: Azusa Higa
Azusa Higa is our new cover model. Not a model you meet every day. The curriculum of Azusa Higa is a long a high level one, a series of covers to be intimidating even for an experienced photographer... [read]
ADVERSUS Cover Model: Aisha Howard
Aisha Howard is our new cover model. Aisha is from new York, but we met her and shot this cover model feature in Milano, where she spends part of her time, for professional reasons. New York, Paris and... [read]
ADVERSUS Cover Model: Giulia
Giulia is our new cover model. Giulia has literally traveled all over the world. She began her modeling career, and left her home in Brazil when she was 15 years old. Her first destination was Barcelona, Spain, where she still feels like at home and where she... [read]
ADVERSUS Cover Model: Pat
Please make yourself comfortable, because our new cover model, Pat, is a special one. Pat is beautiful indeed, but beauty is common and it takes something special to differentiate a model from the others. Pat has that something special... [read]
ADVERSUS Cover Model: Indre
Indre is our new cover model. A blonde beauty from Lithuania. Indre is like a whirlwind. She has tremendous energy, she can be silent for a moment, but then when she starts talking - and laughing - she has thousands of stories. She is very... [read]
ADVERSUS Cover Model: Laura S.
Laura, our new cover model, currently lives between Paris and Milano, but if you ask her where is her home, she will of course answer: Paris! In Paris she started her modeling career two years ago, and she only recently moved to Milano... [read]

Focus on lips, but most of all: natural skin

Makeup 2014 and skin care advice from Korea, interview with Tae-Yoon Park... [READ]

Orange lips, flawless skin, ready for Summer

"Raw Beauty and blush free'' is the key look of the Spring Summer 2014... [READ]

Make-up trend: bleached eyebrows

Interview with Nami Yoshida, Makeup Artist. "I can see that strong eyebrows... [READ]

Thick eyebrows, bright orange lips

Interview with Lili Choi, Korean Makeup Artist based in Paris, France. "If we talk... [READ]

Spring Summer 2014 makeup trends

Interview with Winnie Neuman, Taipei, Taiwan, Makeup Artist. "The makeup trends that will... [READ]

Colored eyeshadows and strong lips

"I think makeup will be more playful than before, it will be nice to wear... [READ]

Korean makeup trends and skin care advice
Make-up trend: light weight foundations and 'nude' skin make-up
Thick eyebrows, bright orange lips and healthy glow tan skin
Spring Summer 2014 makeup trends
Colored eyeshadows and strong lips for 2014!
Orange lips, flawless skin, and you are ready for Summer 2014!
Focus on lips, but most of all: natural skin
The latest makeup trends 2014 from Korea
Make-up trends 2014: bleached eyebrows and chemical lips
A perfect skin and thick wild eyebrows
Asian make-up trends 2014
Asian makeup trends for Summer 2014

Blue eye makeup, glowing skin trend

Pastel Blue or Electric Blue eyes (eye shadow, eyeliner, all over the lid, moon shape... as you like it!) and glowing skin are the two main makeup trends we talk about... [READ]