Dasha & Alex beautiful models backstage at Blugirl

Backstage at the Blugirl Show (Fall Winter 2016/17) in Milano it was very early in the morning, the models had to wake up very very early to be at the location of the show by 7am (7am!!!).

We talked to two very beautiful (and smiling, not a very common feature among fashion models lately …) models during that short but quiet time between hair and makeup and line up. Dasha (Darya) Kostenich and Alex, enjoy the interview.

Leila Ndabirabe, interview with a top model

Leila Ndabirabe interview, backstage at the Ermanno Scervino FW2016/17 Show in Milan. We met Leila Ndabirabe backstage at the Ermanno Scervino FW2016/17 Show in Milan, and she was one of the most beautiful, and a smiling model finally, models in this backstage. Watch this exclusive interview.

James Pecis, hair looks at Costume National

We asked James Pecis, world famous hair stylist, to explain the hair looks for the Costume National Fall 2016 Show in Milan. A very interesting hair look, not so easy to copy at home but not impossible either. Follow his instructions, and copy the look!

Arthur Arbesser Fall Winter 2016 2017

Right before the beginning of the Arthur Arbesser Fall Winter 2016 2017 Show in Milan we could talk to the Austrian fashion designer about his collection, his projects, his own style.

Anastasia Lagune talks about her plans

We talked to Anastasia Lagune backstage at Richmond. A very beautiful model from Latvia, 20 years old, Anastasia has been on the catwalks for many years already, and she is ready to add acting to her already successful modeling career. Stay tuned for more of Anastasia Lagune on the big screen!

Yumi Lambert interview

Met met and interviewed Yumi Lambert backstage at the Costume National Fall Winter 2016 2017 Show in Milan. Yumi is sweet, fun, beautiful… and extremely famous. One of our favourite fashion models tells us more about herself, her life, her fashion style, and hints some secret news about her future plans…

Hair trends: Daks Show

Backstage at the Daks Fall Winter 2016 2016 Men’s Fashion Show we talked to Jan Prezemyk about the hair styles of the models.

Hair styles: Corneliani Show

Backstage at the Corneliani Fashion Show in Milano, Fall Winter 2016 2017, we met and talked to Joseph Pujalte about the hair styles for this show. Watch the video, learn how to copy these hair looks.

Punk manga hair styles at the Dsquared Fashion Show (Fall Winter 2016 2017)

We met Eamonn Hughes, Hair Stylist, backstage at the Dsquared Fall Winter 2016 2017 Show in Milano. The hair look is inspired by the Dsquared collection, so it is a Punk-Manga hair look our readers should keep in mind because it could become a trend for the next season.

Watch the video or read the interview below:

Eamonn Hughes: ‘The Dsquared2 FW 2016 2017 Fashion Show is kind of a Asian inspired. It is a kind of mangary boy, kind of punky but clean. So there are elements of punk in it. Some boys have shaped sides to the head, and some boys have kind of preppy, looking-clean swept-back hair. It is kind of a contradiction.

How to create this look? Which products did you use?

We use L’Oreal Mousse to first get the shape. We dried the hair and for a lot of boys we used the net to compress the hair to get the silhouette small. Then we used a product called Sumo Wax from Bumble and Bumble and a product called ‘Magic Move’ from Japan.

Do we see a trend here?

I think so. I think we definitely move towards groomed hair, groomed hair with a punk edge.

So the haircuts are getter longer this season?

I don’t know. A lot of boys had their hair cut this season. Last season there was a lot of boys was long hair, shoulder long hair, but this season I finding most of the boys with shorter and cleaner hair.

How to create a beautiful shiny skin. Interview with Jabe, make-up artist

Backstage at the Cristiano Burani SS2016 fashion show we interviewed Jabe, make-up artist. Jabe explained us the make-up techniques and textures he used for the gorgeous make-up look he created.

‘For this catwalk show [Cristiano Burani] I wanted a really fresh girl with a Woodstock feeling, a girl that loves to be outside.’

‘So I put some color on the cheeks, really transparent, and I played with only texture, really smooth and transparent for which I used products of Clinique. So I created a really shiny skin. I didn’t use powder at all. Only a little bit of concealer and a little bit of foundation to cover up little imperfections.’

‘For the cheeks and lips I used Chubby Stick [Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm Clinique]. This product is very transparent but gives the skin color at the same time. I like the effect of the lips. In French we say ‘lèvres mordues’ (bitten lips), when the lips show just a little bit of color. It looks really fresh.’

‘The eyebrows are really important. As a texture I used only eye shadow of Clinique, and it is a mix between two browns, to create the perfect color for each girl. So I drew the eyebrow but the texture is really smooth so the balance is really good.’

‘And then I put a touch of black mascara on the top lashes. On the eyelid itself I created a ‘cloud’ of blue. Here I played with three different blues: a light blue, a green blue and a dark blue, and depending on the skin tone of the girl and her outfit I mixed the right tone of blue. And so it looks like a cloud of color on the eyes.’

‘A product I am really crazy about this season is Smart Treatment Oil of Clinique. It is perfect to highlight the skin. I put it on the cheekbones, on the lips and just a touch in the inner corner of the eyes. It is like a touch of light, a kind of romantic. So the skin is very tender but the look is strong.’

‘The skin is everything is season. It is like a canvas. So we have to be careful and we have to play with some different products to respect the skin texture.’

Cristiano Burani SS2016 Fashion Show, make-up: Jaabe, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Cristiano Burani SS2016 Fashion Show, make-up: Jaabe, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Cristiano Burani SS2016 Fashion Show, make-up: Jaabe, ph. Mauro Pilotto