Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Runway 2015


The 2015 Fashion Show Trends on the Runway!

BOHO PSYCHEDELIC: An eclectic mix of brightly hand painted flowing silk, earthy fringed suede and leather, and lux embroidery that plays tribute to the freewheeling spirit of 1960’s rock’n’roll.

EXOTIC BUTTERFLIES: Kaleidoscopic colors and textures in this section echo the intricacy of a butterfly’s wings. Angels are transformed into these most exquisite, multicolored winged creatures as they walk down the runway.

PORTRAIT OF AN ANGEL: A delicate and romantic beauty discovered behind a veil of sheer chiffon, corsets of fragile lace and a palette of pale blues, dusty pinks and soft grays.

PINK USA: A sexy, bright and fresh parade of the modern American woman. PINK USA is a celebration of female empowerment and American icons.

ICE ANGELS:Inspired by the snowy holidays, this sporty Ice Angel is covered in exquisite crystals, fine fabrics and precious stones that mimic the surrounding icicles.

 FIREWORKS: Fireworks burst across delicate fabrics and extravagant pyrotechnics shower the runway with light. This section is made complete with wings in rich, vibrant hues that seduces the audience with all their drama.