Vanessa C. Photo by Alessio Cristianini

The first thing you notice in Vanessa, our new cover model, is her hair. Blond, and very long! And a lot! And then you notice her clear blue eyes, and then… the rest :-) Vanessa comes from Germany, she has been living in Italy for a couple of years and her Italian is pretty good. She lives in Italy, and in Italy she also works as a model, represented by The Lab Models in Milano.

We had an instant connection with Vanessa. During makeup we could talk a lot, and discover her love for the animals (her beloved dogs above all) and her studies (she is studying advertising in Milano). In order to make her feel more at home (look, how nice we are!) we even found a German TV channel, I am not sure she was really interested, but she was nice and pretended to appreciate our gesture :-)

In this cover model shoot Vanessa is wearing Christies and Naory lingerie. We did not have a lot of luck with the weather, as it was a quite rainy morning, and we could not use the huge terrace of the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Milano as we had planned to. But we made it, one way or another.

If you want to know more about Vanessa keep reading her interview, but do not forget to look at the beautiful pictures immediately after that… Alessio

Age: 23
Height: 172cm
Measurements: 86cm – 60cm – 90cm

Where are you from? And where are you based?
I am from Germany, based in Milan, Italy

How long have you been modeling, and how did you start?
I started modeling six years ago, I started in a little people agency in Düsseldorf, Germany. They represent cute kids and normal people.

How should a guy be, if he ever wants to have a chance to interest you?
He should be able to make me laugh…

Long, stable relationship, or total freedom?
Long and stable

How do you like to dress, when you are not busy with castings or work? Skirt or trousers? High heels or flat shoes?
Dress/skirt with flat shoes

Let’s talk about lingerie. Sexy or comfortable?

Let’s talk about you. What makes you unique, and special?
I am like a quarter horse, small but the fastest horse on a quarter mile ;)

Which fashion designer would you like to be able to work for?
Elie Saab

What makes you really happy? And where would you like to live?
Being with my dogs. I don’t like Berlusconi, but I am happy in Italy!

Your beauty secret
No creams – less is more

Do you believe in love, with the capital L?
Yes, of course


Alessio Cristianini for ADVERSUS