Taja Feistner and her beautiful tattoo

In a time in which models tend to be… ‘uglyish’ (thanks to the choices of the casting directors who follow the instructions of the fashion designers) Taja Feistner is a very welcome exception. She is not only beautiful, she is sexy, not a very common feature in the modeling world, lately.

We saw Taja a lot during the Milan Fashion Week Summer 2017, she did some of the most important shows in Milan, from Dolce & Gabbana to Antonio Marras, from Trussardi to Les Copains. And it was at the Les Copains how that we asked Taja to tell us more about the big, beautiful tattoo she has on her back. What is the meaning of the tattoo, how it affects her modeling career. Curious? Well, then just watch the video and you will know the answers.

Alessio Cristianini for ADVERSUS


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