Ondria Hardin: a short movie backstage at Etro

One of our favorite models, Ondria Hardin, and a short movie backstage at the Etro Fashion Show Fall Winter 2016 2017 in Milano.

Some models, not all but some, turn their head or their back as soon as they see a photographer. Why? Do not ask me. And then there are – luckily – those who have more control of the situation, and can play with the camera. And of course those are the models we love to meet backstage!

One of our favorites, and there is no doubt about that, is the American Top Model Ondria Hardin (1996). Watch the short movie we took backstage at the Etro FW 2016 2017 Show at the Milano Fashion Week.

A few more details about Ondria. Ondria is from from North Carolina, USA, and she was one of the stars in a short movie dy Karl Lagerfeld, she works with the most important fashion designers, and she is a regular on the covers the most important magazines. Ondria loves the city of Taipei (Taiwan), loves shopping in Tokyo, and she loves (how much love…) Asian cooking. Now, watch the short movie.



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