Ondria Hardin. If Looks Could Kill…

Location: Backstage at the Etro Summer 2017 Show. Starring: Ondria Hardin. No, this is not a movie, but it could be one. And the undisputed star of this backstage is always Ondria, at least during the last few seasons.

Etro is one of those fashion shows where – backstage – you can easily spot big names in the modeling world, the most famous hair stylists and makeup artists. It is Etro, after all. But you can also as easily be disappointed by the attitude of some models, this is a world where also the lesser-known quickly learn how to have an attitude. Luckily this does not apply to Ondria Hardin (you have seen her in the latest Prada and Dior campaigns, just to name a few).

Ondria is not only beautiful, but she is also fun to watch, always available for the photographers who ask to pose for them, always ready to smile, play with the camera. But my little voice inside tells me it is always a good idea not to make her angry, you never know. And also this time she stole the scene from her well known colleagues. While they were busy looking bored and dissatisfied, she was – again – the star of the backstage. If looks could kill… luckily, they don’t, not yet at least.

@Ondria: Edited :-)

Alessio Cristianini for ADVERSUS


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