Nattimus Prime Cover Model

Nattimus Prime - Photo Alessio Cristianini

Our new cover model is a very special one. Starting from her name: Nattimus. Nattimus Prime. Does her name sound… familiar? Does is sound like… Optimus Prime, from the science fiction action movie ‘Transformers’? You got it then. Because our new cover model Nattimus, is one of the biggest (seriously!) collectors of Transformers robots ever. So much that her stage name is, you read it already, Nattimus Prime.

We shot during a sunny (well almost sunny) morning in Bangkok, where she lives and works. Nattimus is a TV host and MC in Thailand, her country of origin, and we had a very good time shooting together. The night before the shoot I received a text message from Nattimus “What would you think if I took some of my Transformers on the set? I am a collector and it would be fun to shoot with them” I replied “Ehm, yes… why not?!”. Well, she came with one big trolley packed FULL of Transformers of every size and color, and you can see some of them in the pictures of this cover model shoot. I say some because I am sure she left at least as many at home. Read on… Alessio

When we discussed the idea for the shoot you told me “Hey, I have a Transformers collection! Do you want me to bring some of them to the shoot?”. When I said yes… I had no idea what to expect… :-) But now you have some explanations to give… what is this thing you have with Transformers? :-)

It is just like other people who like to collect something. Some girls like dolls, but I like Transformers. Very cool stuff in my opinion. They are amazing robots. They look strong. They can transform into cool cars.

I started to like them and collect them after the Transformer 1 movie came out. I just think it is one of the coolest things to collect. I have a background in graphic design and I like to think about design and style. There is something about it that just appeals to me.

You are a VJ, presenter and you do a lot of TV, mostly in Thailand. Please tell us more about your work

Mostly I do live tv host and Mc. I find myself in a very comfortable place speaking in front of the camera. I enjoy speaking to my audience and it is really cool when someone is watching me somewhere from his/her TV. It’s not easy and it’s challenging, it requires a lot of skills. Especially live ones. Once you have made mistake you have to find a way to fix it as fast as possible, and still look professional. I don’t mind at all talking alone for 1 and a half hour and that’s what I enjoy the most.

I have to work hard to make people keep watching you, and don’t switch to another channel. Hehehe.

TV hosting is my main occupation, but I am actually busy with a lot of other stuff. I love photo shoots, I love acting. I did some MV acting sometimes too. Most of the time I get to be bad character, and I still don’t know why. Maybe I look so mean in real life… Hahahaha. But I am not! Believe me…

What is your favorite music? What do you like to listen to when you are alone?

I can listen to anything. Actually it depends on the song and on its meaning. Sometimes I like to listen to Thai country songs. Sometimes I like Rock, or Pop and R&B. When I am alone especially before bed time I like to listen to something light, slow and romantic.

Let’s talk about men. Your ideal first date, how should (ideally) things go the first time you date someone you really like?

Well, I like gentleman. Who doesn’t ? I do not like guys who try to touch and don’t show respect for me. I like things to go naturally. I mean, I like people to be real. No need to put on mask and try to look good all the time. But to tell you the truth, I stopped dating since the beginning of this year…

BTW, what type of man do you like?

That’s an easy question to answer. I like someone who taller than me! But if you want to know about the personality of course I like a funny guy who always makes me laugh and smile. I am a funny person too, so it would be great to be with the same type of person. I like a guy who is hard working, romantic , positive, strong , warm and has a good heart. The type of guy who is kind to people and animals. And he should love cats and dogs because I am crazy about them!! I like a man who is not a Casanova or a womanizer. That’s all. But I am not sure a guy like that exists… Hahahaha. Anyway, I am not perfect too ;-).

The worst pickup line you ever heard from a guy trying to talk to you?

Some guys try to start a conversation asking me “Are they real ?” In my mind I think “Of course they are” but I never answer to that type of question.

Your professional plans. Where would you like to be, professionally speaking, 5 years from now?

I want to produce my own TV show. A show about travelling, about animals, something new and different. I wouldn’t mind to open my own art gallery café with books. I still enjoy doing a lot of stuff and it would be challenging for me to work behind the scenes for once.

If you could pick any place in the world, a place where to settle and live. Where would it be?

Anywhere with the person I love. But if I could pick just one place, then I would love to live in New Zealand. I have been there before and it is an amazing country. It is so beautiful and peaceful. No traffic, more nature, mountains and fields filled with cute animals. It is just like a dreamland!

Your best quality is…

I don’t know. I guess I care a lot for animals and people who need help.

What makes you really happy?

To see the person I love being happy.
To see my family happy and to be able to take care them.
To be able to help stray dogs and cats and to feed them, find them a good home with a kind owner.
To get to finally know who I really am, and who I am not.
To achieve my goals thanks to my own skills, and be independent.
To make my mum and my dad proud of me.

Alessio Cristianini for ADVERSUS


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