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ADVERSUS Cover Model: Pat

"I'm embarassed to admit I don't feel embarassed easily"


Please make yourself comfortable, and enjoy our new cover model. Pat, this is her name, she comes from Thailand and is of Thai-Chinese origin. Definitely a very special model.

Pat is beautiful indeed, but beauty is common and it takes something special to differentiate a model from the others.

Pat has that something special. She is fun and very creative.

When I first met Pat, one of the first things she asked me was if she could bring her cat (actually, one of her many cats) to the shoot. Why not? I thought, she actually reminds me of a cat, for her way of moving, of looking around, it could be a perfect match and a nice story for this new cover model feature. And it was.

Pat is a very special model, and a special girl. She has a perfect body, long legs, and when she smiles she smiles with her eyes first. Just look at the pictures, and you will understand what I mean. But first read her interview.


Name Suchada Rodmanotham (Pat)

Measurements 167cm, 44kg, 31"/24"/35"

Age I am 23 years old

Three words to describe yourself
Pat The Cat!

Your best quality is...
I'm a fast learner

And a bad aspect of your personality?
I waste too much time gaming.

Your hobbies?
Listening to my cats purr.

Your favorite music?
It might sound weird, but I like opera.

The craziest thing you have ever done in your life
I actually like to put a bit of crazy in everything I do.

And the most embarassing moment of your life?
I'm embarassed to admit I don't feel embarassed easily.

What attracts you in a man?
A nice smile, a nice body.

What do you do when you see a guy you like? How do you let him know you like him?
I'll try to be his friend, and I'll probably do silly things to attract his attention.

The most stupid compliment you ever received...
"You're cult!"

What do you like the most in your body? I'm in love with my brain.

Flat shoes or high heels? Flat. I'm a cheetah running through the savannah.

Cotton underwear or lace lingerie? Does not apply :)

And now, after reading her interview, check Pat's pictures, enjoy her gallery of images on the right.