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"Haha, there was a time when I was a rebel. I grew up with punk rock music that nobody around me liked. I love Social Distortion, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Rancid, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan..."


Momo is our new cover model. A very special one. Momo is a writer, a graduate in film studies, a traveler. And a very beautiful girl of course. She has a lot of ideas, but she is also very open to new ones, our ideal model.

We spent a nice day shooting, talking about her projects, her ideas, her passion for travel. And while doing all these things we also managed to bring home a really good cover model shoot for ADVERSUS. And learned that not all tears are real... a good life lesson ;-)

Momo and modeling. Some people are camera shy [see myself] - you are obviously not. What do you like the most in the fact of posing in front of the camera?

I like the fact that it makes you see new perception of your character. I want to see different styles of my self and how far I can go. You can’t really see yourself in many styles from the mirror, but trough camera, you can. I think it’s art and it is fun.

Who is [are] your favorite model(s) in the fashion world?

I have always loved Gemma Ward, I am a fan girl haha. Gemma has a mysterious innocent looking, I think it’s not common. Also I cannot forget Kate Moss, she is the classic.

Fashion and shopping. Your favorite brands, if any?

I like Miss Sixty style a lot and I love TOPSHOP and Miss Seyfried for their street dresses and pants.

What is your personal style? What do you like to wear?

I usually like to wear street short dresses, they are comfortable.

High heels or flat shoes?

Friendly flat :)

Movies are a very important part of your life, you graduated in film studies, and you have been a movie columnist until recently. Which ones are your top three movies, ever?

Oh yes, movies are a big part of me. My top three are Lord Of The Rings, Clockwork Orange and Watchmen. On the surface, they seem like thrilling main stream movies, but these three movie have a unique wisdom about life, which makes them stand out for me.

Books are also very important, you are a writer and novelist yourself. What do you like to read, any why?

I’m a big Tolkien fan. I love long epic fantasy stories, these works need a genius mind, to create a full world with convincing history and language. I like fantasy of any kind, so right now I’m catching up A Song Of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

Let's talk about music. Because you look like a sweet and romantic girl... but I understand your favorite music is a little bit on the 'wild' side...

Haha, there was a time when I was a rebel. I grew up with punk rock music that nobody around me liked. I love Social Distortion, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Rancid, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. I think rock music is real music (at least to me). They are so overwhelming, I can’t help it but I am romantic! May be with an electric guitar.

You traveled quite a lot already, despite your young age. Which is - so far - your favorite trip, the one you will never forget?

New Zealand, I will never forget that trip last November 2012. I went there solo and met new friends to hike around with.

What made this trip so special?

The Nature of New Zealand. I was stunned by it. New Zealand gave me adventurous feelings and I was satisfied only by looking at the beautiful scenery. The friendships I made along the way, and inspiration for my novel also.

What do you like to do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

I like to go out with crazy friends or spending afternoon time alone reading. It all depends.

Your shoot for this cover model feature for ADVERSUS can be divided into three totally different styles and moods. Which one of the three was your favorite one, and why?

I love them all seriously! It is hard to decide though. My favorite would be the black and white set, because it represents who I am obviously. But the flowers set were so much fun to shoot, I ate some of the roses...

Your next trip will be...

America! I would start from LA , then Las Vegas and then explore the middle area for nature scenes, hopefully.