Models backstage at Salvatore Ferragamo SS2016

I spent the two hours preceding the Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show (Spring Summer 2016 – Woman) backstage. Filming, interviewing, photographing. Two hours during which I witnessed the usual routine of approaching the show (in any case always the same, be it a young or a renowned fashion brand). But also tests of strength between some press officer and some makeup artist, some hysterical scene, a lot of tension (too much) and very little sympathy. Indeed, nothing.

And what about the models? The models are a subject we will talk about in the coming days, the new generation of models that we have been seeing for a couple of seasons now. In a word? Unpleasant. In two words? Also… ugly? Can I say ugly when I talk about a fashion model? But we will resume this discussion in a few days.

Meanwhile, here is a first preview of the backstage at the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2016 fashion show.

The models, you will notice, don’t smile. Never. Oh yes it is true, smiling causes wrinkles…


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