Mia Yang solo makeup exhibition at Art Crush Gallery in Los Angeles


On July 5th 2015, Mia Yang finished her solo makeup exhibition – Tell me a story – at Art Crush Gallery in Los Angeles. Mia Yang is an international makeup artist, born in Taiwan.

With her background in vision art, Mia Yang made documentaries after graduating from college. ”The real life and people inspire me more then anything, I had never though about doing make-up or fashion even though colors and drawing have always been my passion. I didn’t realize these could be crushed and blended altogether until I moved to London. ”


Working with the young and powerful creative in London blows her mind. “Make-up is a job where you need to closely observe people face to face, you get to know them by their stories, appearances and the way they talk, and give them new characters. It’s the best part of this job.” Mia’s work is not about theatrical crazy make-up and reshaping faces, she uses colors to tell stories.


“Make-up is a job working with Light, I can spend days just to study a product. I test the texture and glow on skin. It’s also a project which involves many talents like photographers, models, stylists, hair stylists and make-up artists. That’s why I decided to present an exhibition different from usual make-up shows. You might not be seeing over-the-top makeup, some of the models even wear no-makeup makeup in the images, but these are the most interesting make-up for me. Make-up is part of the story, it tells stories.”

Chinese/Taiwanese artists are rare breeds in international fashion industry, but Mia accepts the challenge. Her work can be seen on the most iconic publications, and she also nominated “Best Fashion” by La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.


Mia went back to Taiwan in 2012 for designer YuHong Sun’s fashion show, she led the backstage make-up team. This experience stimulated her curiosity and she started researching the relationship between Western and Asian fashion. Traveling from London to Taiwan, from Beijing to New York, Mia Yang decided to host an exhibition in Los Angeles where a very high number of Asian people live. She created a fresh freckles look on a beautiful Asian girl during the exhibition opening, she also shared her professional techniques to curl Asian lashes, lift hooded eyelids and contour the oriental face structure. “I am working mostly in Europe and America which lead the fashion and beauty trends, however most of the them are designed for Westerns, it is fun for me to transfer these looks into Asian versions!”

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