Mia Kang, the Supermodel “A man has to make me laugh”

Mia Kang is really a beautiful model, half Korean and half British, Mia was born in Hong Kong and is now a full time citizen of the world. She calls home New York and Hong Kong, and with good reason. Like all successful models Mia cannot stay still in just one place. Her work assignments take her all over the world, but this is the life of a supermodel, after all :-) If you want to know more about Mia, read on. Mia Kang is represented by TRUMP Models New York Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, facebook @missmiakang

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How did you start modeling, and is there anything you would change in your modeling career, if you had the chance to go back in time and start again? When I was 13 years old I did dance classes and my dance teacher Melissa told me to go in to her friends modeling agency. I went and had no idea what I was doing. I started working immediately. I didn’t realize what modeling was until I saw my first campaign on billboards and in shops all over Hong Kong. I wouldn’t change anything in my career, I’m happy with how everything has gone. And I’m happy that j got my education under my belt while I have been working.

Your ideal type of man is… :-) Wow my ideal man!? How much time do we have? Haha. First and foremost he has to be intelligent. He has to inspire me and challenge me and help me reach my potential, push me to be the best I can be. He has to be honest and kind and have family values. He has to make me laugh – laughter is essential to me, I never want a boring day in my life. He has to be able to protect me and our family. Protection and feeling safe is so important for me. He is driven, he can’t be lazy. He loves to travel. He listens to hip hop. He loves food. He is an Alpha male. I don’t care about physical looks, it’s about who he is as a man and as a human being.

Your typical day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep… I rarely have a routine, every day tends to be different for me, and I love it. I travel a lot so it’s hard to describe a typical day in my life. If I’m at home in New York or Hong Kong I’ll wake up early around 7am and check my emails and social media while I have a coffee or a green tea in bed. I will work out – I try to also change this every day but it could be running, HIIT, boxing, Muay Thai, spinning, yoga, Pilates, barre. I’ll have a little bit of a late breakfast but I’m not a big breakfast person. I’ll go to work whether it is meetings, castings, interviews, photo shoots. If I don’t have events or dinners to attend in the evenings I like to eat dinner early at around 6, I like to clean my apartment (I’m quite OCD), I like to watch TV shows and documentaries, I like finding new music, I like to read biographies, I like to FaceTime with my friends and family all around the world, I like to do face masks in bed, I like to dance around my apartment to hip hop music ;). I like to try and better myself every day in some way or another. I’m not too different from everyone else.

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