Mark Carrasquillo and the Etro FW2016/17 makeup looks

Backstage at the Etro Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion Show in Milan we talked to Mark Carrasquillo, internationally famous Makeup Artist. Mark Carrasquillo – together with the MAC team – was in charge of the make up looks for this show. This is what he told us.

Check out the video interview and/or read the interview below. Carrasquillo provides us with useful tips. Copy the look!

Mark Carrasquillo: We are doing a really natural brow, as clean as possible skin and a bronzy healthy cheek and then I powder over it so it buries the bronzer a little bit under the powder and then hopefully it is going to look like a real skin, like the girl is a little bit flushed and real.

I want the girls to look real, like they are partying and dancing. It is really real-girl make-up. I can’t say anything else about it. It is what girls do. They make themselves feel pretty. They put some mascara and some eyeliner. They want to have fun. It is not conceptual at all. It is real, it like your sister’s make-up, your make-up.

Backstage at Etro SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Backstage at Etro SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman


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