Mariany A. - Photo Alessio Cristianini
Mariany A.

Every time I work with a Brazilian model (so now you know where our new cover model comes from) it is like… not working! It is more talking, joking, and, incidentally, working. And this is how it went also during this cover model shoot with Mariany, black eyes, a perfect body. Mariany comes from Rio de Janeiro, but she lives and works in Milano, where she is represented by The Lab Models. In this shoot Mariany wears La Perla lingerie.

Name: Mariany
Height: 176cm
Weight: 53 kg
Measurements: 81cm – 61cm – 88cm

Where are you originally from, and where are you currently based?
I am Brazilian (Carioca), I was born in Rio de Janeiro. My base is currently in Milano, but I work all over Europe.

When did you start modeling, and how?
I got my first modeling assignment when I was 13, and I traveled for the first assignment abroad when I was 15. But if you want to know exactly when I started my full time professional modeling career, then I think it started when I moved to Europe, about 5 years ago. How did I start? A photographer in Rio de Janeiro asked me to work with him. It was for a fashion editorial shoot plus cover for a French magazine. He promised me he would give me a portfolio with the pictures and send me the magazine when the pictures would be published. And he kept his promise. With my new pictures I went to a modeling agency, and after my very first casting I already got a trip to Milano. When I finished my studies in Brazil I decided to start modeling full time and do what I like the most. And here I am!

What type of man attracts your interest?
Extrovert, communicative, a man should not necessarily be ‘handsome’ or perfect looking, but rather have a strong, magnetic personality, yes. He should be like… my boyfriend. Hihihi

Do you prefer long lasting love stories, or are you more into freedom when it comes to relationships?
I had both type of experiences in my life. I am now involved in a steady relationship.

How do you like to dress, when you are not busy with castings or work? Skirt or trousers? High heels or flat shoes?
In my free time I like to dress casual. During the day I usually wear jeans or shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. In the evening I will replace them with high heels and maybe add a nice clutch bag and jacket (I am sensitive to cold!)

Let’s talk about you. What makes you unique, and special?
I don’t know what makes me special… maybe my ‘flaws’, they make me unique and different from the others.

Which fashion designer would you like to be able to work for?
There are many, in Italy and abroad, but if I really had to pick one… I would say Givenchy.

Your dreams…
Professionally, I would like to have many more experiences, in different countries, to improve and be happy about my career.

Personally… my biggest dream would be to have a small house in the middle of nowhere, with a nice garden, and to be together with my family.

Where, in the world, would you like to live?
Mexico, or Australia

What makes you really happy?
I love to wake up in the morning with breakfast in bed. Prepared by my love, of course.

Three things you cannot live without
My iphone, camera, credit card

What is your beauty secret?
A little bit of aloe vera in my hair, and absolutely nothing on my skin! I always wear makeup for my work, so as soon as I can I let my skin take a rest.

Do you believe in love, with the capital L?
YES… I believe in it!!!


Alessio Cristianini for ADVERSUS


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