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Nail trends 2014: neon color tie dye, tropical paint design, gingham check

Interview with Britney Tokyo

Nail trends 2014
Nail trends 2014 with Britney Tokyo

We talk about nail art, nail trends and... fashion influences with Britney TOKYO, nail artist. Britney is Japanese as you probably have guessed already, and she is currently based in Los Angeles. Her work is special, and you can definitely see Britney's artistic background in her work.

After college, Britney decided to attend one of the top nail academies in Japan. While there she achieved the JNA Level of a 1st class nail technician. Upon completion she relocated to the States where she acquired her California manicurist license. Britney is also an accomplished gel master and qualified to be a LED gel educator.

Britney has a dedicated and unique client base that includes celebrities in the entertainment field. She has been fortunate to work for magazines, music videos, big name fashion labels. Britney has recently even started to design clothes and accessories.

What inspires your nail art?

Street & high fashion and any kind of art. I go to art museums, I go window shopping, look at fashion blogs, and I like to go to libraries and look at art books.

Nail art trends 2014
Photo courtesy of Britney Tokyo

What is your absolute favorite polish color to wear on yourself?

Classic red. Red nails go well with women of all ages, and it also works with any situation. No matter what the trend, red nails will always be my favorite!

What are the top Summer nail trends we'll be seeing this season? Please tell us the top 3 nail trends every girl should try at least once for 2014

Neon color tie dye, tropical paint design (palm trees, colorful flowers), gingham check.

What about shape and length?

Square shape long extension nails and natural rounded nails. These two totally opposite types are both very popular!

Nail art trends 2014
Photo courtesy of Britney Tokyo

What brands and products do you use?

Presto LED Gel from Nail Labo. I love how there is a huge variety of colors, and also that I can order online wherever I am in the world, which is a big plus for me since I go on lots of business trips. Some different brands, depending on different times I buy a certain nail color, the quality differs, but Presto Gel is made in Japan so I can always rely on the best quality.

Nail art trends 2014
Photo courtesy of Britney Tokyo

Do you have any nail art tips/tricks you can share with us?

It is easier to do art with a smoother polish, so I usually put a little bit of acetone into my polish. please check out my Youtube! I only put up one tutorial yet, but I have shared how to create a water marble effect. I plan to do a lot more tutorials soon!

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We thank Britney Tokyo for sharing with us her views on the latest nail trends for Summer 2014. If you want to know more about Britney make sure you check her official website