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Make-up trend: light weight foundations and 'nude' skin make-up

Interview with senior make-up artist MAC Tom Sapin

Clear complexion

You can do your eye make-up perfectly, and go for sexy lips, but if you don't know how to create a flawless complexion, you will never achieve that 'woow-effect'. A perfect skin is a must for this (and every) season. However, when it comes to makeing up the skin, the mistake women often make is to use too much product. The secret is to enhance the complexion without covering its natural glow and beauty.

Trendystyle interviewed Tom Sapin, senior make-up artist MAC, on the newest make-up products and techniques. Read on and learn how to create a beautiful and clear complexion.

What are the most important make-up trends for skin for the fall winter 2013 2014 season?

Clear complexion

Clear complexion

Skin is of course one of the focuses of the season. Extremely pure and matte, to enhance both eyes or lips. To create this perfect minimal skin, we worked on a minimal but costumed skincare, to make the skin healthy but naturally balanced between matte and satin finish.

Which products do you suggest?

Backstage we used very lightweight formulas like MAC Face and Body foundation, BB cream or even just concealers and transparent veil of powder to set and give a natural matte skin quality.

Skin is monochromatic, looks effortless, only with sometimes luxury glossy highlights (Giambatista Valli or Barbara Bui), on top of this velvet canvas.
We achieved this modern skin working with the products only where necessary.

No all over foundation, but precise positioning to let the bare skin express its radiance. Working with precise brushes like MAC 193 brush, we blended the textures into the skin where needed.

The more the skin is nude, the more the look is elegant

In a previous interview Tom Sapin revealed us a new and interesting technique in order to create a natural looking blush. After having applied concealer and foundation, Tom carefully removes the make-up on the cheeks with a tissue in order to make the natural blush show again. An easy way to create a natural looking skin.

See how much you can do with little make-up? Less is more. Or, to quote Tom Sapin: 'The more the skin is nude and perfected with refinement, the more the look is elegant'.

We thank Tom Sapin for this interview

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