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Korean skin care products

Korean makeup trends and skin care advice with Alice from W2Beauty

Alice from W2Beauty
Alice from W2Beauty

Let's talk about skin care advice, and beauty products. Which ones are - in your opinion - the most advanced and effective skin care products from Korea right now on the market?

I think these two items deserve a real focus.

1. Moisture/Water/Hyaluronic Acid
2. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and IOPE Ultimate Hydro Cream.
3. Essence Finisher/Finish Essence

There are some other items from IOPE that recently really got my attention as well such as the SUPER VITAL line.

We can see that there are so many products based on "Moisture" like chia seed and mango seed from the Faceshop, Harakeke line from The Saem, green tea seed from Innisfree, aloe, cucumber even glacier line from almost all the brands. In the end, it's all about moisture and in Korea, we really focus and point out how important moisturizing the skin is.

Nowadays, I'm focusing on the "balancing" (balancing between oil and moisture of the skin). my skin. Since I have oily skin, I focus on moisture of skin.. Our skin cell needs moisture!!

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack
is already a steady seller. I know it's not really a "NEW" item though, but I just can't focus enough on good moisturizing items. This sleeping pack takes care of our skin and holds the moisture of our skin when we're sleeping.

IOPE Ultimate Hydro Cream
is a recently launched item and I can bet it is going to stay for LONG! I tried it and it really does its job so that's something I will definitely recommend to my customers and to everybody who looks for moisturizing cream. When I apply this cream on, I can feel that this is really light but really moistful and it covers my skin like a special barrier for my skin. I fell in love with this cream, totally.

Essence Finisher/Finish Essence
I remember when I met the "First Essence" products last year. It really helped to improve my skin condition and recover my skin cells. I couldn't stop using them. (I'm still using them actually. Hihi) It was an evolution of skin care products from last season.

I believe now it's time for another evolution of the skincare market. Essence finisher/Finish essence helps to finish our skin care steps and prepare for base makeup. It helps to hold the moisture of our skin and helps to stick the makeup into our skin so the makeup for skin looks like our REAL skin.

It's really good news for girls. We can have more natural and flawless skin!



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