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Korean gradient lips: how to and makeup advice

Korean makeup trends and skin care advice with Alice from W2Beauty

Alice from W2Beauty
Alice from W2Beauty

Gradient lips are another makeup trend from Korea which has quickly taken over the whole world of makeup. Can you give our readers some advice on how to obtain the real 'Korean gradient lips'?

Gradient lips! I can see so many tips for that recently. Those are mostly from commercials for lipstick and lip tint saying that their products are good. I know it looks so gorgeous but when we put that on, it doesn't look like the same product, right? Hehe...

For the perfect gradient lips, we need 2 steps, preparing perfect lips for gradient lip makeup and applying lip color.

For the 'preparing lips step', we need "lip scrub and lip balm".

It's really easy to get dead skin cells on our lips and actually, those dead skin cell disturb good looking gradient lips.

So first, exfoliate with soft scrub products or lip scrub items and put lip balm for moisturizing. You can see the difference with this step, and without this step. We cannot get good looking gradient lips without LIP SCRUB!

For the lip color, we need "BB cream/Foundation/lip primer/concealer, one or two lip colors, white pearls and lip gloss".

First, apply one layer of BB cream/Foundation/lip primer/concealer to remove your lip line, in order to let it dim. You can wait for the lip balm to absorb into your lips or you can use a tissue :) Bite the tissue with your lips a few times, lightly.

And then put some powder to remove oily part from the lips. (If you did well with your tissue, then you don't need to do this :))

Now it's time to apply colors!

If you want to apply only one color, then it is easy! Just apply some, starting with the middle of your lips and rub it with a cotton swab softly. When you do gradation lips, I don't recommend you to use your finger or lip brush. COTTON SWAB is the best tool for gradation :) Our fingers are quite thick if you want to create the gradation effect on our lips and lip brush is for drawing so it's hard to make gradation.

If you want to apply two colors, please apply the light color fist for ¾ of the lips and then put the main color on the middle of the lips.

And this is a really important tip for good looking gradient lips. Apply WHITE PEARL! Just add some white pearl on your lips. It helps you to get volume lips!

And put a bit of lip gloss for coating your lips. Please don't put it on all of your lips, just put some onto the middle part of your lips :)

Haha, There are so many steps, so for the summary,

1) Lip Scrub is a really important step! Never miss it!
2) Use a cotton swab for gradation. Better than our fingers!
3) Put white pearl (shadow) on the lips!



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