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Eyeliner. How to and makeup tips

Korean makeup trends and skin care advice with Alice from W2Beauty

Alice from W2Beauty
Alice from W2Beauty

Eyeliner. It is a must for many Asian women, but it requires the right products, and a very good technique. Your best advice to our readers on how to apply eyeliner?

Eyeline! It's really really important and I do believe it definitely worth pointing it out :)

There are so many eye shapes so I cannot say that "THIS IS THE CORRECT ONE" for everybody as Asian eyes have a special shape isn't it ? But I can share my technique :)

Eyeliner helps us to get bigger eyes but also it gives us panda eyes so easily.

Whenever I got questions about eye line or eyeliners, I always ask them 3 questions.

There are 3 things you need to care about eye line.

1. Tears?- waterproof
There are many girls having tears from their eyes, compared with others. Like, naturally watery eye girls or girls using eye lens. They need the waterproof type.

2. Eyelid, eye shape? - smudge proof
If you have thick/fat/swollen eye lid, it's really easy to have dark circles under the eyes even just after drawing eye lines. Then please try to use a smudge proof eyeliner and use powder.

Before drawing the eye line, apply some powder on the eye lid. It will help to stick eye line onto the skin. Also after drawing the eye line, apply some powder on the eye line you just finished to draw. I usually apply dark color shadow with a brush after drawing my eye line. It helps me to keep my tidy eye line.

3. Beginner? Professional?
If you are a beginner to draw eye line, then I recommend you to use a "Pencil type" eyeliner. It's really a pen so it's easy to draw and even if you do mistakes, you can just rub it and smudge it like smoky eyes :P

When you get better at the pencil type, you can try the "Brush type" eyeliner. Brush type is also pretty easy to draw eye line.

If you are a professional makeup lover, then the "Gel type" eyeliner is perfect for you. Gel type eyeliner sticks on the eye lid much better than a pen or brush type and usually the color is more vivid. Tonymoly Backstage Gel Liner is good for beginners of gel type eyeliner and it's portable, so I love this.

These tips are from myself. Practice makes perfect, especially for makeup :) I use lenses and my eye lids are quite thick. I had a hard time drawing my eye lines alone so I hope you can start and do it easier than I did :)



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