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W2Beauty, online shopping for Korean makeup and beauty products

Korean makeup trends and skin care advice with Alice from W2Beauty

Alice from W2Beauty
Alice from W2Beauty

Can you tell us something about W2Beauty, your beauty and makeup online shop? How did you start, and what makes it different from other online beauty shops?

When I was a student, I traveled a lot and met lots of friends. They know that I'm addicted to beauty products. With the Hallyu wave hitting the world a few years ago, Korean beauty started to spread as well and my friends started to be interested and ask me about what I use and if I have recommendations for them etc … and even ask if I can help them to get some.

2 years ago, during my travels around Asia, I really saw by myself how fast and how popular the Korean cosmetic has become in just a few years but something really stroke me… it was the prices !

Even in Asia, which is quite close to Korea compared with Europe and the US … the Korean cosmetics were sold almost at double the price at which I can buy the items in Korea!
That's when I decided to start! I do believe that what makes me different from other beauty shops is that people shopping with me really knows that they will have a more personal service, that they are shopping with me and that if they need any help or recommendation, I will always be there for them! ;)

I really wish to help any of my customers finding the good products for them (because you can easily be lost with all the products out there :p) and most importantly, I wish to offer my customers the same shopping experience as if they were really shopping in Korea themselves which means LOTS of Samples and freebies and gifts! I strive to get a smile from all my customers!

Also… If you have any question, you can always contact me! I may take some time to reply when having hundreds of mail to reply daily but I always reply back :) that's a promise I make to you hihi and hopefully I will have the chance to welcome you to my shop!



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