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Korean makeup trends and skin care advice

Korean makeup trends and skin care advice with Alice from W2Beauty

Make-up trends summer 2014
Skin care

Alice from W2Beauty
Alice from W2Beauty

Korean makeup trends and skin care advice with Alice from W2Beauty who, in this long interview, will help us discover the latest Korean (and Asian) makeup trends for Spring Summer 2014. We will also talk about makeup techniques, such as those required to correctly apply the eyeliner, or to create the worldwide famous 'gradient lips'. We will also talk about beauty and skin, and Alice will introduce us to the vast offer of skin care products the Korean market has to offer, and to the correct way to take care of our skin. A flawless skin is basic for this year's makeup trends, so let's get started now taking care of it, the right way :-)

1) Which are the most important makeup trends from Korea for the Spring Summer 2014 season?
This S/S season will be decided by colors once again! I think that cherry blossom like nudy pink color is the key color for natural look. However, it seems like we're going to have the ORANGE color again :) Last S/S was about matt orange and this S/S is about neon reddish orange and... [Click here to read all]

2) What makeup are you wearing today, and - if possible - could you give us a brief explanation on how to 'copy' your makeup look? :-)
Today was a very busy day so now my makeup is so natural and light (I'm busy most of the time haha ;p) In the morning, I didn't have enough time to do my makeup so I took my "Emergency makeup kit" which is really few items but helps me look "JUST OK". The real minimum so that I can still feel comfortable... [Click here to read all]

3) Eyeliner. It is a must for many Asian women, but it requires the right products, and a very good technique. Your best advice to our readers on how to apply eyeliner?
Eyeline! It's really really important and I do believe it definitely worth pointing it out :) There are so many eye shapes so I cannot say that "THIS IS THE CORRECT ONE" for everybody as Asian eyes have a special shape isn't it ? but I can share my technique :) Eyeliner helps us to get bigger eyes but also it gives us panda eyes so easily. Whenever I got questions about eye line or eyeliners, I always ask them 3 questions... [Click here to read all]

4) Gradient lips are another makeup trend from Korea which has quickly taken over the whole world of makeup. Can you give our readers some advice on how to obtain the real 'Korean gradient lips'?
Gradient lips! I can see so many tips for that recently. Those are mostly from commercials for lipstick and lip tint saying that their products are good. I know it looks so gorgeous but when we put that on, it doesn't look like the same product, right?... [Click here to read all]

5) Let's talk about skin care advice, and beauty products. Which ones are - in your opinion - the most advanced and effective skin care products from Korea right now on the market?
We can see that there are so many products based on "Moisture" like chia seed and mango seed from the Faceshop, Harakeke line from The Saem, green tea seed from Innisfree, aloe, cucumber even glacier line from almost all the brands. In the end, it's all about moisture and in Korea, we really focus and point out how important moisturizing the skin... [Click here to read all]

6) The must-have beauty and makeup products from Korea for the Spring Summer 2014 season, the products every girl and every woman should always bring in her purse are...
Oh, there is only one item in my mind now after reading the question. Can you guess it ? Yes, it is correct ! it is the CUSHION! Spring and summer, we can imagine that there are beautiful flowers out there and we want to put all the lovely colors on us. BUT there is the horrible sunshine also... [Click here to read all]

7) Beauty and skin. The Korean skin care routine is very famous. What is your advice, your routine, in order to obtain flawless beautiful skin with the right use of the right skin care products? Which products are needed?
Whenever I talk about skin care, I always start from cleansing. Proper cleansing is the most important step and basic step for beautiful skin. Nowadays there are many cleansing tools and cleansers. Cleansing has different steps: removing makeup (Makeup Cleanser), wash off dirt (Cleanser) and exfoliating dead skin (Peeling/Scrub)... [Click here to read all]

8) And when it comes to correcting a not perfect skin with the use of makeup products, what is your advice, which products and how to use them?
Oil blotting paper is not a good solution since you can get big pores with that. I recommend you to use this Sebum Control Powder/pact for cutting the oil from your face and even help your makeup :)... [Click here to read all]

9) Can you tell us something about W2Beauty, your beauty and makeup online shop? How did you start, and what makes it different from other online beauty shops?
When I was a student, I traveled a lot and met lots of friends. They know that I'm addicted to beauty products. With the Hallyu wave hitting the world a few years ago, Korean beauty started to spread as well and my friends started to be interested and ask me about what I use and if I have recommendations for them etc... [Click here to read all]

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