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Makeup tips, trends 2014 2015, makeup artists interviews

The best make-up tips and trends straight from the best makeup artists from all over the world. Our exclusive interviews, the latest makeup trends, the most useful makeup tips. read on to know more :-)

Make-up trends winter 2014 2015Thick eyebrows, berry lips and little rock punk smokey eyes

Looking for the latest makeup trends for the Fall Winter 2014/2015 season? Well, then prepare to be overwhelmed by an avalanche of information! We asked Lili Choi... [READ]

Make-up trends winter 2014 2015Makeup trends Fall Winter 2014/201: metallic silver liners, fake eyelashes and flawless skin

I am especially obsessed with the dark eyes and silver liner as seen at the Emporio Armani show. It is a very strong look with solid black all over the eyelids, the metallic silver liner perfectly softens the gothic darkness... [READ]

Make-up trends winter 2014 2015Makeup trends Fall Winter 2014/201

I think the newest make up trend we will see during this Fall Winter 2014/2015 will be the eyes make up with smoke dark blue, gold to dark brown and grey to black and with the bottom eyelashes, with nude orange matte lips"... [READ]

Make-up trends winter 2014 2015Make-up trends Fall Winter 2014 2015. Let's go for artistic make-up looks with Yumi Lee!

For the latest trends in makeup we talked to Yumi Lee, professional makeup artist based in New York. Yumi has collaborated with top photographers such as... [READ]

The make-up trends Fall Winter 2014 2015: colored eye shadows versus monochrome make-up looks

For the Fall Winter 2014 2015 season the 'colorful eye shadows' is one of the most important make-up trends. The color Burgundy has come back... [READ]

Nail trends 2014: neon color tie dye, tropical paint design, gingham check

We talk about nail art, nail trends and... fashion influences with Britney TOKYO, nail artist. Square shape long extension nails and natural rounded nails. These two totally opposite types are both very popular... [READ]

Nail trends 2014: ombre nails, matte nail colors

Interview with Ariana Pierce, owner of Superstar Nail Lacquer. We talk about the latest nail trends, nail colors, new and original ideas for Summer 2014... [READ]

Korean makeup trends and skin care advice
Korean makeup trends and skin care advice with Alice from W2Beauty. In this interview Alice will help us discover the latest Korean (and Asian) makeup trends for Spring Summer 2014. We will also... [READ]
Colored makeup, bright skin, natural eyebrows
Interview with Arianna Campa, Makeup Artist - Milano. "The makeup trends for Spring Summer 2014 are without any doubt based on colour. A touch of color on the lips, or on the eyelids, will help create a very feminine look... [READ]
Blue eye makeup, glowing skin trend
Pastel Blue or Electric Blue eyes (eye shadow, eyeliner, all over the lid, moon shape... as you like it!) and glowing skin are the two main makeup trends we talk about with Anne Sophie Costa, London based makeup artist... [READ]
Makeup trends 2014: back to basic, nude makeup and natural colors

Interview with Yumi Lee, Makeup Artist - New York. "This season, I can say that makeup will go back to basic. I see nude and natural colors instead of... [READ]

Make-up trends spring summer 2014. Glowing skin and sultry red lips

Interview with Director of Makeup Artistry M.A.C. Terry Barber. "I expect a return of lashes with a little '60s style for top and bottom. The look is ultra-feminine. It all just feels very feminine and beautiful again... [READ]

Make-up trend: light weight foundations and 'nude' skin make-up

Interview with Tom Sapin, M.A.C - You can do your eye make-up perfectly, and go for sexy lips, but if you don't know how to create a flawless complexion, you will never achieve that 'woow-effect'. A perfect skin... [READ]

Thick eyebrows, bright orange lips and healthy glow tan skin

Interview with Lili Choi, Korean Makeup Artist based in Paris, France. "If we talk about brand new trends, then the trendiest color for the lips will be Orange/Burgundy (Berry lips). Thick eyebrows will become... [READ]

Spring Summer 2014 makeup trends

Interview with Winnie Neuman, Taipei, Taiwan, Makeup Artist. "The makeup trends that will continue into spring summer 2014 season are the matte bright lip color with the flawless natural skin, and the black... [READ]

Colored eyeshadows and strong lips for 2014!

"I think makeup will be more playful than before, it will be nice to wear colored eye shadows like blue, green or purple or clean eyes with strong lips! Matte orange is very fresh to me, red is always classic..." If the... [READ]

Orange lips, flawless skin, and you are ready for Summer 2014!

"Raw Beauty and blush free'' is the key look of the Spring Summer 2014 make-up. It is based on flawless skin appearance. For your cheeks, use a blusher or bronzer to create a natural shape on your face... [READ]

Focus on lips, but most of all: natural skin

Makeup 2014 and skin care advice from Korea, interview with Tae-Yoon Park. More makeup trends and beauty advice from Korea here on TRENDYSTYLE ASIA. In this interview we talk to Tae Yoon Park, makeup... [READ]

The latest makeup trends 2014 from Korea

Exclusive interview with Ji-Ahn Sung, international hair & makeup artist. The main focus of this interview will be on the main makeup trends from Korea, and on skin care advice. 2014 is the year of flawless skin... [READ]

Make-up trends 2014: bleached eyebrows and chemical lips

Interview with Nami Yoshida, Makeup Artist. "I can see that strong eyebrows are still the trend of this season. In particular, the eyebrows seen at the Celine show are very individual and outstanding. On the... [READ]

A perfect skin and thick wild eyebrows

Asian make-up trends 2014, Interview with Mia Yang, Makeup Artist. "Please keep in mind, a flawless foundation needs a flawless canvas. Always start with a good moisturizer with a gentle massage... [READ]

Asian make-up trends 2014

Interview with Hisano Komine, Makeup Artist. "Overall we will see that the make-up style is going to be simpler and healthier all over the world. Foundation is going to become lighter, reflecting a more individual... [READ]

Asian makeup trends for Summer 2014

Let's keep talking about makeup trends, with - of course - a special focus on the Asian beauty. Are you curious about the new makeup trends for Spring Summer 2014? We interviewed Stella Leung, makeup artist... [READ]