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John Varvatos Fall 2014, KISS and his love for rock

John Varvatos" You know I think that guys want to take better care of themselves... look how good of shape you are in, you know? Guys want to take good grooming, their hair, they want to workout, get in better shape, they want to take care of their skin."

Believe me when I say that John Varvatos and his shows in Milano are one of the few things I really enjoy but the Milano Fashion Week. I love rock, just as John does, and the outfits he designs could very well be part of my wardrobe. Backstage at John Varvatos' it is always like being at a party. Models are relaxed, and John is everywhere, literally. You turn and he is giving an interview, you turn again and he is checking how an outfit looks on a model, you turn again and he is giving directions to his staff.

This time - during the Milan Fashion Week where John Varvatos debuted his Fall 2014 collection - the feeling backstage was even more special, because KISS would officially be introduced as testimonials for his Summer 2014 Ad campaign. And the band was there, backstage, and later would close the show, surprising the public with a very special appearance.

We talked about his new collection, of course, but also about KISS, rock (do not miss his very personal list of the best rock bands in the last 4 decades!), and about his personal 'beauty routine'. Keep reading.

Let's start with a mandatory question given this occasion. Why KISS to represent John Varvatos for your Spring Summer 2014 advertising campaign?

I think that every guy wants to be a little bit of a rockstar, but he also wants to be a superhero. And KISS are superheroes... you know they have been around for 40 years, they still play live at the stadiums, they are powerful, every generation from young kids to adults love KISS... and so we sprinkled a little bit of superhero throughout this new collection. And I also think it is very interesting the juxtaposition of elegant suites with the makeup, because it is a little bit disruptive and I think it is good to be... rock should be a little disruptive.

Were kiss part of your childhood?

Oh yes, I grew up with KISS and last show in June when I saw you in Milan last time, we went to see KISS in Milan, playing in front of 30.000 people and it was fantastic, it was better than ever, big and better than ever and it was that time when I was here that I spoke to them about working together

So this Ad campaign was born in Milan?

Yes! It was born in Milan!

What is the inspiration behind your Fall Winter 2014/2015 collection?

The overriding theme of the collection was inspired by the superhero. When we were working with KISS at the Ad campaign I started to think about how superheroes are important to every generation. Spiderman, Batman, Superman... KISS! And so we sprinkled a little bit of superhero throughout the collection, and it was fun because it pushed, it added a little fantasy to the collection, fantasy that is not so over the top but it added fantasy to the collection and made it more playful and fun, and it was very enjoyable working at the collection this time.

Shall we make a quick association game about Rock? No fashion, just rock. I will name 4 decades, which is the first rock artist / rock band which comes to your mind? Seventies, eighties, nineties, noughties... and now the tens...

Seventies... would be Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rolling Stones... Eighties.... The Clash, The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads... Nineties.. Nirvana, Soundgarden... and in 2000's you know it gets a little tougher... but I would say bands like Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Jack White and The White Stripes I think are very important.

Men are "growing", maybe getting closer to women when it comes to taking care of their hair, body, overall appearance... but let's talk about you because each season you look better and better! What do you do to take care of your body?

Hahaha...! You know I think that guys want to take better care of themselves... look how good of shape you are in, you know? Guys want to take good grooming, their hair, they want to workout, get in better shape, they want to take care of their skin.

What is the "John Varvatos beauty routine"?

My routine? It is really just to make sure that if I am in the sun I am protected in the sun, I use eye cream just to get the puffiness down... the sun is the worst thing for you. I love the sun, but you have to be careful about the sun...

Thank you and see you next time
See you next time!

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