How to create a super chic make-up look. Terry Barber’s make-up tips

In this video interview Terry Barber, top make-up artist M.A.C, tells us how to create a super chic make-up look:

‘We are doing a color eyeliner, like a bright blue and a bright green, but we don’t want it to look like the 1980 s so we created this really super modern kind of cyber punk shape, very graphic, very square, coming of the corner of the eye. It is not a classic feline flick, it not 1950s.’

‘She is a modern woman, the rest of the face is very minimal. She doesn’t like to wear too much make-up. She likes one accent. So we have done this superskin with M.A.C. Strobecream. It almost looks like she coming out the gym of the spa. This is a woman who enjoys individual style. She is very chic, she likes one element in her make-up but that element be really interesting.’

What can you ‘normal girls’ take from this look?

‘Focus on your skin more than anything. Transparent with a healthy shine and a beautiful glow all-over and then just choose one element. It is very the philosophy of Coco Chanel who always said: ‘Never over accessorize. Always take one accessory off.‘ So it is just one little detail. That is chic.’

Make-up at Byblos SS 2016, make-up: Terry Barber, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Make-up at Byblos SS 2016, make-up: Terry Barber, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up at Byblos SS 2016


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