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Hair Trends Summer 2014 with John Zhang

Hairstyles 2014
Photo Courtesy TONI&GUY - In cooperation with Trendystyle.ASIA

John Zhang, TONI&GUY Hong Kong Hair Stylist
John Zhang, Style Director TONI&GUY Hong Kong

Summer 2014 hair trends, mid-lengths and crazy shocking colors for the 'younger and trendiest', but also colors for the most conservative among our readers. And much, much more in this interview with John Zhang, Style Director at TONI&GUY Hong Kong.

We sat down with John at the TONI&GUY salon in Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, and we 'squeezed' him (I am just joking, but John was so competent and clear in his explanations that we really did not want to stop this interview) and asked him all we could ask him about the latest hair trends, lengths, colors, ideas and advice. And this is what John told us.

Let's talk hair trends. What are the most important new hair trends for the Spring Summer 2014 season? Short hair lengths, medium hair lengths, long hair?

For Summer 2014 we cover all the range of lengths, there is no specific length. We do all, from short to long, the idea for the cuts is taking inspiration from the 70's and 80's, a lot of classic shapes like strong lines, some bob, pixie cuts, mixed with lots of strong colors that bring a contemporary feeling to the style.

Let's talk colors then. What hair colors are currently the most 'en vogue', and what new color trends - if any - should we expect for Fall Winter 2014 2015?

We use some very strong colors. We do not use the colors on the whole head, but only on parts of it. Or on big sections of the hair, for short hair. For long hair ombre is still a strong trend, we are still doing it, so if a lady wants something more contemporary, then we utilize different tones from dark to light, from light to dark, two tones, three tones... and at the bottom we use some very shocking colors like pink, purple, turquoise, the colors for this summer.

Photos of haircuts 2014
THE I-D - Photo Courtesy TONI&GUY

These are colors for more trendy, young, people. what about more 'conservative' women who want to be trendy but have some limitations, maybe because of their work, or because they do not feel like going all the way with these strong colors?

Then we tone it down, sometimes we use more natural colors instead of very shocking ones. Like light brown to dark brown, mixed with a little bit of 'reddish' in between the browns, to bring out the essence of the style. You see a lot of celebrities, they are not rock stars, but very sexy ladies, very elegant, they have ombre with light blond at the bottom, brown at the top...

Who is your style icon? Who is your favorite celebrity, the one leading the pack with a modern and up-to-date trendy hairstyle?

Personally I really like Rihanna, she changes a lot, she is different every time.

Looking at your current hairstyle, I have to ask you about men hair trends. Is the undercut still going strong?

Yes, for guys it is always short hair, and undercut!

Photos of haircuts 2014
THE RE-FADE - Photo Courtesy TONI&GUY

And for 'the ladies'?

Short hair for the ladies is a very strong statement, but not all women can carry that. Some women can do short hair, but for most women we do mid-length to long hair, some bob shape, we bring out the texture not as heavy as before, we look for texture, movement, more to the light side, so they can easily do the styling themselves with the right tools at home, with just a hair straightener.

Photos of haircuts 2014
THE BLITZ - Photo Courtesy TONI&GUY

A woman with long hair comes to you and she asks you to choose a hair cut and a style for her. You are 100% free to do whatever you want. what would you suggest?

I would suggest a mid-length cut for her. As a stepstone, if she wants something shorter then we can do it in the future. The first time she comes with long hair I would say shoulder length or slightly above the shoulder, so she can already see the difference, and maybe some color. You cannot go wrong with a mid-length shape. Next time she can do it shorter, if she likes to.

What about fringes?

Fringes are quite complicated, some people look very good with a fringe, some less, so it really depends on the shape of the face. But side fringes are very popular right now, partying over one side to the other, it looks very good with any kind of style.

The must-have hair care/beauty product, the product every girl and every woman should absolutely have in her beauty case?

The most important thing is to use a good thermal product when you use straighteners or tangs or the blow dryer, you have to use a protection spray, or a protein spray. This is the hair care product for your every day styling. And maybe some root lift product, some people have thinner hair, so a root lift spray is a useful product to keep in mind. And some shine spray, some oils, serum, to finish the style.

What hairstyles should we go for on 'night outs' and 'special occasions'?

Maybe a chignon, or braiding is a good idea, a little loose, like a natural chignon, very low, a lot of texture coming through the front, some hair can drop on your face, it does not have to be really tied up, because nowadays women want a more contemporary style. For a special occasion like a ball or something like that you can do something more classic. Then you can go for a more clean look, a french roll or something like that. Depending on your hair type and cut we can do something more elegant, for a special occasion.

Photos of haircuts 2014
From the TONI&GUY hair show - March 18th 2014 at Armani Aqua - Photo Courtesy TONI&GUY

How do you keep up with trends?

Social media are nowadays very popular, you have apps for your phone, internet, lots of magazines, and then when you go out you see a lot of different trends. I tend to look a lot at the people. I think the ideas come from the street. Yes, I read magazines but I do not look at the 'branding magazines', too much commercial, I prefer to look at some street style magazines, more real life, snapshots from models or of real people. Then you have some really funky style, some real ideas.

What about people in Hong Kong, on the street? Are they doing well, or could they do better?

Some do very well, but some need some... transformation :-) But I think this happens everywhere. Hong Kong is a fun city, people care about their look.

Alessio Cristianini for ADVERSUS and TRENDYSTYLE.ASIA

We thank John Zhang, Style Director at TONI&GUY, Central, Hong Kong
Address: G/F, 15 Wyndham Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Tel: (852) 2801 7870