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Prada Spring Summer 2014

The Spring/Sumer 2014 Prada Men's fashion show is a tale of summer, through all of the season's clichés: humorous themes and exotic reminders of hot countries (Hawaii, Vietnam) are mixed and made very contemporary in a collection that speaks of how impossible it is to describe untainted beauty and perfect happiness. The light-heartedness normally associated to Prada's imagery of this season is clouded by a dramatic note and by serious tones that express themselves in a palette of dark, somber colours, interspersed with brighter touches.

Prints evoking summer dominate: typical Hawaiian motives, flowers, women's silhouettes, the sun and the sea, the latter two interpreted with the 'wrong' colours.

Showing on the catwalk wide fitting trousers, shirts, blousons and jackets, mainly combined in separate two-piece suits to produce very peculiar matches. Pinstripes are quite prominent. Jacquard printed sweatshirts recall the same patterns that appear on the murals decorating the show space.

Cotton is the collection's main material, matched with wool, like precious kid mohairs and simple materials. Briefcases and suitcases complete the looks: leather is printed with the same motives used on fabrics. Footwear includes 'poor' shoes in cotton and rubber and boxer ankle boots, both for men and for women.

Prada Summer 2014

Prada Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014
Prada Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014


Photo: courtesy of Prada