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Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2014

For Spring-Summer 2014, Bottega Veneta presents a tailored collection that explores the effects of visual contradiction. The possibilities of balance and proportion play out through the overall form, for a look that is clean, contemporary, and precise.

A new silhouette illustrating the refined techniques of tailoring and shirting juxtaposes a full top, emphasized by aprominently sloped shoulder and generous sleeve, with a narrow pant that is slim from the hip down. In addition to shape, color is proposed to accentuate the insistence on the dichotomy of the silhouette.

The palette incorporates both refined neutrals and saturated colors. There is black, various tones of grey, milk white, and papyrus white, as well as deep aubergine, admiral blue, and military green. Patterns are distinct, painterly, and of varying intensities, appearing in the form of checks, broken checks, and windowpane checks.

Bottega Veneta Summer 2014

Bottega Veneta Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014
Bottega Veneta Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014