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Dsquared2 Fall Winter 2014 2015

Men's Fashion Shows Fall Winter 2014 2015.


He's a bad boy and it's time to pay his dues. On the inside, confusion ruled by discipline with a glimpse into insanity. It's a thug's life, be tough, stay on the straight and narrow until parole.

Through the mad eyes of this bad boy, Dsquared2 takes inspiration for its fall winter 2014 collection from the unique world of a correctional institute. The unconventional influence lends motifs, colors and attire of life behind bars, via the uniforms of the inmates and those who patronize them: prison guards, psychiatrists, priests and lawyers.

The style story that unfolds begins with a simple cotton tunic and pants - mandatory clothes of someone being committed. Intense prison orange - the hue that makes escape difficult - quilted nylon teamed with worsted wool jackets fitted with zippers that converts a new "piece".

Dsquared2's DNA, mastery in denim and leather, are key to the hard knock life
looks. Shades of indigo and black denim are given bleached out, destroyed and
ripped treatments, cut into a jumpsuit, or straightjacket-style' jackets, some trimmed with buckles, and paired with curved baggy jeans.

On the inside, clothes are a size too big. Taking cue from this' look, the silhouette is bigger, but reinforced with structure through heavy masculine fabrics. Double-faced felted wools make sleek unlined patch pocket coats.

Jean jackets are bonded with felted wool. Raw cut black and white long leather jackets take on a rounded fullness with spongy jersey bonded interiors. Leather and denim are patchwork accents on classic wool suiting, in sleeves, front panels and waistbands. Rough boy denim is mixed with elegant pieces, a brushed wool teddy bear tobacco car coat, another long coat in graphic panels of Bordeaux, white and black silk and wool,
and cashmere knits.

Rigid shapes crafted from black and distressed gray leather, the doctors style bags are matched with thick black squared eyeglasses, of the institution's psychoanalysts. Ankle boots are heavy duty style signatures of the inmates and their guards. With rounded toes in black, ochre 'and prison yellow leather and layered leather or rubber soles. Knitted short, tuque hats add a tough guy attitude.

Dsquared2 Winter 2014 2015

Dsquared2 Fashion Show Fall Winter 2014 2015
Dsquared2 Fashion Show Fall Winter 2014 2015