James Pecis, hair looks at Costume National

We asked James Pecis, world famous hair stylist, to explain the hair looks for the Costume National Fall 2016 Show in Milan. A very interesting hair look, not so easy to copy at home but not impossible either. Follow his instructions, and copy the look!

Arthur Arbesser Fall Winter 2016 2017

Right before the beginning of the Arthur Arbesser Fall Winter 2016 2017 Show in Milan we could talk to the Austrian fashion designer about his collection, his projects, his own style.

Anastasia Lagune talks about her plans

We talked to Anastasia Lagune backstage at Richmond. A very beautiful model from Latvia, 20 years old, Anastasia has been on the catwalks for many years already, and she is ready to add acting to her already successful modeling career. Stay tuned for more of Anastasia Lagune on the big screen!

Yumi Lambert interview

Met met and interviewed Yumi Lambert backstage at the Costume National Fall Winter 2016 2017 Show in Milan. Yumi is sweet, fun, beautiful… and extremely famous. One of our favourite fashion models tells us more about herself, her life, her fashion style, and hints some secret news about her future plans…

How to create a super chic make-up look. Terry Barber’s make-up tips

In this video interview Terry Barber, top make-up artist M.A.C, tells us how to create a super chic make-up look:

‘We are doing a color eyeliner, like a bright blue and a bright green, but we don’t want it to look like the 1980 s so we created this really super modern kind of cyber punk shape, very graphic, very square, coming of the corner of the eye. It is not a classic feline flick, it not 1950s.’

‘She is a modern woman, the rest of the face is very minimal. She doesn’t like to wear too much make-up. She likes one accent. So we have done this superskin with M.A.C. Strobecream. It almost looks like she coming out the gym of the spa. This is a woman who enjoys individual style. She is very chic, she likes one element in her make-up but that element be really interesting.’

What can you ‘normal girls’ take from this look?

‘Focus on your skin more than anything. Transparent with a healthy shine and a beautiful glow all-over and then just choose one element. It is very the philosophy of Coco Chanel who always said: ‘Never over accessorize. Always take one accessory off.‘ So it is just one little detail. That is chic.’

Make-up at Byblos SS 2016, make-up: Terry Barber, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Make-up at Byblos SS 2016, make-up: Terry Barber, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up at Byblos SS 2016