The hair look Anthony Turner created for the Missoni Fall 2016 Fashion Show

Backstage at the Missoni Fashion Show in Milan we talked to Anthony Turner, hair stylist, and he explained the hair look he created for this show. A rock style, a girl who has been out all night, and you can see it from her hair look :-)

Check out the video or read the interview below. Have a look at the pictures and… do it yourself!

This is what Anthony Turner told us:

‘Basically the hair look for this season at Missoni is… [great!]. She is a very cool rock ‘n’ roll girl, very artsy, maybe she listens to Patti Smith. She is a kind of rock ‘n’ roll. She is very very cool. She doesn’t really care. She knows she looks great. She really doesn’t do a lot to her hair. Basically it is a little bit undone, a little bit tousled. Very rock ‘n’ roll hair. Almost a little Kate Moss somewhere as well. So it feels very easy and it is really great hair to do and really great hair to achieve as well at home.’

‘Basically I am using Root Boost by Moroccanoil all the way through the hair, using quite a lot of it because I want a matte finish. It is not about shine. It is almost if it is the day after the night before. So she has been to a concert, she has been to see a rock band somewhere and she is all kind of lived in and it is 6 o’clock in the morning and she is walking home. So it is the idea of this kind of lived in, mushy, kind of very cool hair.’

‘And then I am using the Luminous Hairspray also by Moroccanoil, just to finish off, because we want a little bit of high hair at the crown and I going to pull it a little bit over the eye, and when the girls are dressing they have these great Missoni scarves and basically I am going to trap the hair inside the scarves and pull some bits out. So it feels like she is in a hurry. Just very nonchalant and easy.’

Tousled hair backstage at the FW 2016 2017 Missoni Fashion Show, hair: Anthony Turner @Moroccanoil, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Hair look Missoni FW 2016 2017. hair: Anthony Turner
Hair look Missoni FW 2016 2017. hair: Anthony Turner @ Moroccanoil, photo: courtesy of Missoni

Dasha & Alex beautiful models backstage at Blugirl

Backstage at the Blugirl Show (Fall Winter 2016/17) in Milano it was very early in the morning, the models had to wake up very very early to be at the location of the show by 7am (7am!!!).

We talked to two very beautiful (and smiling, not a very common feature among fashion models lately …) models during that short but quiet time between hair and makeup and line up. Dasha (Darya) Kostenich and Alex, enjoy the interview.

Leila Ndabirabe, interview with a top model

Leila Ndabirabe interview, backstage at the Ermanno Scervino FW2016/17 Show in Milan. We met Leila Ndabirabe backstage at the Ermanno Scervino FW2016/17 Show in Milan, and she was one of the most beautiful, and a smiling model finally, models in this backstage. Watch this exclusive interview.

James Pecis, hair looks at Costume National

We asked James Pecis, world famous hair stylist, to explain the hair looks for the Costume National Fall 2016 Show in Milan. A very interesting hair look, not so easy to copy at home but not impossible either. Follow his instructions, and copy the look!

Irina Kravchenko interview

Irina Kravchenko, the beautiful model from Ukraine talks to us about her life, her career, her projects.

Arthur Arbesser Fall Winter 2016 2017

Right before the beginning of the Arthur Arbesser Fall Winter 2016 2017 Show in Milan we could talk to the Austrian fashion designer about his collection, his projects, his own style.

Anastasia Lagune talks about her plans

We talked to Anastasia Lagune backstage at Richmond. A very beautiful model from Latvia, 20 years old, Anastasia has been on the catwalks for many years already, and she is ready to add acting to her already successful modeling career. Stay tuned for more of Anastasia Lagune on the big screen!

Yumi Lambert interview

Met met and interviewed Yumi Lambert backstage at the Costume National Fall Winter 2016 2017 Show in Milan. Yumi is sweet, fun, beautiful… and extremely famous. One of our favourite fashion models tells us more about herself, her life, her fashion style, and hints some secret news about her future plans…

How to create a super chic make-up look. Terry Barber’s make-up tips

In this video interview Terry Barber, top make-up artist M.A.C, tells us how to create a super chic make-up look:

‘We are doing a color eyeliner, like a bright blue and a bright green, but we don’t want it to look like the 1980 s so we created this really super modern kind of cyber punk shape, very graphic, very square, coming of the corner of the eye. It is not a classic feline flick, it not 1950s.’

‘She is a modern woman, the rest of the face is very minimal. She doesn’t like to wear too much make-up. She likes one accent. So we have done this superskin with M.A.C. Strobecream. It almost looks like she coming out the gym of the spa. This is a woman who enjoys individual style. She is very chic, she likes one element in her make-up but that element be really interesting.’

What can you ‘normal girls’ take from this look?

‘Focus on your skin more than anything. Transparent with a healthy shine and a beautiful glow all-over and then just choose one element. It is very the philosophy of Coco Chanel who always said: ‘Never over accessorize. Always take one accessory off.‘ So it is just one little detail. That is chic.’

Make-up at Byblos SS 2016, make-up: Terry Barber, ph. Mauro Pilotto
Make-up at Byblos SS 2016, make-up: Terry Barber, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up at Byblos SS 2016

Sexy and trendy smokey eyes at Ermanno Scervino SS2016

Jessica Nedza, makeup artist, headed the MAC makeup team at the Ermanno Scervino SS2016 Show in Milan. Of course we were there, and of course we could not miss the opportunity to talk with Jessica and ask her to tell us more about the makeup look she created for this show:

‘The collection is very romantic with a lot of pastel colors so we wanted to spice it up a little and make the girls a little bit more sexy. So we decided to do very sexy smokey eyes. I am using the Fairy Fair Eye shadow from M.A.C for it.

Then we also have the new kajal eyeliner which is called Squid Twist. We used it to create a bit of a lash line and also inside the eye we put a bit of kajal to create a cat eye.

A part from that we have lots of highlights to make the girls look glamorous and to have a beautiful summery skin. We have a little bit of pastel peach color on the cheek. I used New Romantic from M.A.C.

And the lip is also a new product which is very nice because it is a kind of liquid lip that dries up and becomes matte. It gives this beautiful peachy color and it is called ‘Lady Be Good’. At the end of the day [just before the show] we are going to finish the make-up up with a eye gloss which has this beautiful plum color.’

Additional make-up tips for this beauty look

For the skin blend Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation M.A.C with concealer Studio Finish M.A.C. Add Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Amorous Alloy on the eyelid and highlight the brow bone and eye corner with Extra Dimension A Natural Flirt. Curl the lashes and use black mascara. Cover the eye brows with Studio Finish Concealer.

Make-up at the Ermanno Scervino SS 2016 Fashion Show, make-up artist: Jessica Nedza for M.A.C, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up at the Ermanno Scervino SS 2016 Fashion Show, make-up artist: Jessica Nedza for M.A.C, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up at the Ermanno Scervino SS 2016 Fashion Show, make-up artist: Jessica Nedza for M.A.C, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up at the Ermanno Scervino SS 2016 Fashion Show, make-up artist: Jessica Nedza for M.A.C, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up at the Ermanno Scervino SS 2016 Fashion Show, make-up artist: Jessica Nedza for M.A.C, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Make-up at the Ermanno Scervino SS 2016 Fashion Show, make-up artist: Jessica Nedza for M.A.C, ph. Charlotte Mesman

Smokey eyes tutorial and techniques from the Costume National Fashion Show

Backstage at the Costume National Spring Summer 2016 show we saw some of the most beautiful smokey eyes ever. The MAC makeup team did a great job, and we were there to film the detail, the techniques, the final result of this real makeup lesson, a true smokey eyes tutorial.

Models backstage at Salvatore Ferragamo SS2016

I spent the two hours preceding the Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show (Spring Summer 2016 – Woman) backstage. Filming, interviewing, photographing. Two hours during which I witnessed the usual routine of approaching the show (in any case always the same, be it a young or a renowned fashion brand). But also tests of strength between some press officer and some makeup artist, some hysterical scene, a lot of tension (too much) and very little sympathy. Indeed, nothing.

And what about the models? The models are a subject we will talk about in the coming days, the new generation of models that we have been seeing for a couple of seasons now. In a word? Unpleasant. In two words? Also… ugly? Can I say ugly when I talk about a fashion model? But we will resume this discussion in a few days.

Meanwhile, here is a first preview of the backstage at the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2016 fashion show.

The models, you will notice, don’t smile. Never. Oh yes it is true, smiling causes wrinkles…