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Sui He
Sui He backstage Anteprima Fashion Show F/W 2011 2012

Sui He

"Exclusive interview: Sui He"

Sui He is really a beautiful model. You see her on the catwalk and she is different from the other Asian models we are used to see at the shows. She has something, in her way of looking, of moving. Sui He is already quite a big name in the fashion world, and we see her very often on the most important catwalks, and backstage.

Backstage before the beginning of the Anteprima show we talked to her, and asked her something more about her life, her career, her plans. Her what she told us. Alessio Cristianini

Where are you from?
I am from China

And where, in China?

Where do you live now, where are you based?
New York

How old are you?
I am 21 years old

Your immediate plans, after the Milano Fashion Week?
I will go back to Paris, for the Paris Fashion Week, and then back to New York, I think.

Sui He
Sui He on the catwalk C'N'C Costume National F/W 2011/12 New York is you home, for the time being at least…
I think so! (and she laughs)

How long have you been working as a model?
Four years already

How did you start?
I participated to a model competition, and I won it

How tall are you?

What are you going to do when you finish modeling?
I really do not know yet, maybe I will get some ideas and opportunities in the future, but right now I am not really thinking about it

Who are you best friends in the fashion world?
One of my best model friends works with my agency in Milano, her name is Simona

Last question, because we see you all the time busy with photographers who - sometimes not even so politely - ask you to pose for them backstage (and not just one, but 4, 5, 6 in a row…). Do you ever get upset at them?
Actually it is ok, it means they like me. If they did not like me, they would never want to take pictures of me ;)