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Asian models at the Anteprima fashion show (backstage)

"Some of the most beautiful and famous asian top models at the Anteprima S/S 2011 fashion show in Milano. Our backstage reportage"

Backstage at the Anteprima fashion show, during the Milano Fashion week for Summer 2011 (Milano, September 2010) was like being in Asia, for sure not in Milano.

Many asian top models, a lot of journalists, photographers, makeup artists… the atmosphere backstage was relaxed but also electric at the same time.

Sui He, one of our favorite Asian models (she si from Beijing) was relaxed and giving interviews to TV journalists while her friends and colleagues were being taken care of by makeup artists and hair dressers.

Others were reading a book, listening to some music, playing with their mobile phone. Positive and smiling, always available with photographers for a snapshot or a posed picture.

Asian models are starting to take the top positions at the fashion shows, and the Anteprima (Japanese fashion brand, designed by Izumi Ogino) fashion show was a preview of what the fashion world (not just that) is going to look like in the very next future.