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Kiki Kang
Photo courtesy of Kiki Kang

Kiki Kang

"My beauty secret is to keep my skin moist enough, and that why masks are necessary for me and I use it everyday"

Kiki Kang is one of the fastest rising names in the world of fashion modeling. She is absolutely one of the most recognizable Asian models, and that beauty spot right above her mouth - previously associated to a top model named Cindy - is like a brand which will soon belong to Kiki Kang only.

Kiki is 21 years old and she is 100% Chinese, even if her look could be better defined 'multi-ethnic', she is 180cm tall and has the perfect measurements for a fashion model (read on if you want to know). Edition. On the catwalks we saw her recently at Hermès, Jean Paul Gaultier and Betsey Johnson, just to name a few. And she has just appeared on the December 2010 Harper's Bazaar Singapore.

Kiki Kang
Photo courtesy of Kiki Kang

In this exclusive interview for Adversus Kiki tells us more about how she started her modeling career, who are her best friends in the fashion world, and what her favorite beauty products are. And much more, read on.

How old are you, and what are your measurements?
I’m 21 year-old and my measurements are 83-60-89.

Where are you based? Where would you like to live if you could choose any place in the world?
Generally I live in Shanghai but now I am living quite often in New York and it’s my favorite city in the world. I really enjoy the
atmosphere there.

How did you start modeling?
I was being spotted by Mr Johney Zheng, Director of Esee Model Management when I was
studying in a Dalian Modeling School and that’s how my career took off.

Do you remember your first fashion show, and your first professional photo shoot?
Sorry that my memory is not that good because my first show and photo shoot were so long ago that I don’t really remember now.

What is the best feature in your look, in your opinion, what do you like the most in your image?
Lots of people love my lips deeply and I am proud of them.

How important, in percentage, are the following three qualities for a model, in your opinion? A) look B) personality C) luck
All of the above qualities are equally very important to a model’s career.

Kiki Kang
Photo courtesy of Kiki Kang

Who is your favorite fashion model, the one who inspires you the most?
Agyness Deyn

Are you a shopping addict, and if yes, what do you like to buy?
I think almost every female in the world is a shopping addict and I'm no exception. I like to buy clothes in the second-hand store and I like vintage too.

Let’s talk about makeup. Which makeup products do you have in your purse right now?
I am very simple. Laura Mercier 's foundation, primer tinted moisturizer powder, Guerlain's sheer bronzing powder, MAYBELLINE 'S mascara, SHU UEMURA eyelash curler.

And let’s talk about beauty secrets. How important is skin care, and what do you do to take care of your skin?
My beauty secret is to keep my skin moist enough, and that why masks are necessary for me and I use it everyday.

Kiki Kang
Photo courtesy of Kiki Kang

Who are your best friends in the fashion world?
Shu Pei Qin , Kaiz Feng and Sonny Zhou

What is the one thing you really do not like about modeling?
Not only in modeling but also in my daily life, I hate waiting. Waiting for casting, waiting for fitting, waiting for clients and so on, I think it is a waste of my life.

Thank you :)

Alessio Cristianini for Adversus