Devi Vanhon ADVERSUS Cover Model


Devi Vanhon is our new cover model. Half Swiss, half Cambodian, Devi is a volcano of ideas and activities. Radio host, model, DJ, and of course ballet dancer and founder of the first ballet school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Enough? Maybe, but knowing Devi we are not so sure…

Can you tell us more about all your activities, from Radio to singing… and more??

I have been working in radio since 2008. I got into it by chance really. I attended a concert in Phnom Penh where I met people from a local English language radio station. I befriended some of them and somehow a week later I was working at that radio. Through the radio I met other people in the entertainment industry. One thing led to another and I got to learn how to DJ and started to play in clubs. Then there is also singing, but that is a lot more recent. My best friend who is from Germany and I have a French musician friend in common with whom we really wanted to start something musically, we had ideas and concepts, but there never seemed to be any time for it. We’d schedule meetings and rehearsals, but our friend always had something else more important coming up. So we got really fed up and decided to start something on our own and me and my own too. And it’s working. I am getting there; I am getting gigs. People are slowly showing interest and some musicians want to work with me.

What is your dream, or the current project you would like to further develop in the next future?

I do enjoy modeling and I am getting an increasing number of jobs in this domain as well, so I am going to work on developing my portfolio for sure. But music is really what I like the most next to dancing. I just started collaborating with an English musician and I am working on doing some remixes of his music. In addition I keep working on creating opportunities for myself.

Three words to describe yourself

Romantic, vivacious and passionate

Your best quality is…

No matter how bad things are, I remain endlessly positive and hopeful

And a bad aspect of your personality?

I have a tendency to be quite lazy and disorganized. I really need to discipline myself to create schedules and to do lists for myself and actually do the things that I am supposed to do.

Your hobbies?

I am not sure I have time for hobbies. What are hobbies anyway? Things you like to do but don’t do professionally? I would never call myself a professional in anything that I do – that would be too pretentious – so does that mean that everything that I do is a hobby?

Your favorite music?

Jazz and classical music from the romantic period.

The craziest thing you have ever done in your life

I think taking up ballet as an adult again and opening a ballet school are the two boldest things I’ve ever done.

And the most embarrassing moment of your life?

I am a bit of a klutz. I will trip on air, walk into glass doors, spill drinks, or get my hair stuck in a zip on a regular basis.

What attracts you in a man?

His self-confidence. That’s just incredibly sexy.

What do you do when you see a guy you like? How do you let him know you like him?

I will be stupidly shy around him but then suddenly gather up some courage and very directly tell him that I want him.

The most stupid compliment you ever received…

(After seeing pictures of a lingerie photo shoot of mine in a magazine) Oh I almost didn’t recognize you with your clothes on! Wow you look hot in person too!

What do you like the most in your body?

My eyes and my expressions. Ok that’s not really body. My calves are grrrrreat!

Flat shoes or high heels?

Flat what? High heels always. At 5’2″ I am vertically challenged enough as it is, so I need all the help I can get.

Cotton underwear or lace lingerie?

Cotton during the day because it’s just more comfortable, lace at night.

How important is sex in your life?

As much as water and food! Sex is an essential part of human existence and I think sex is an integral element in a healthy, working relationship as well. I need it, want it, always ;-)

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