Cherifa Naffeti. Next top model comes from Tunisia?

Cherifa Naffeti photographed by Alessio Cristianini
Cherifa Naffeti photographed by Alessio Cristianini

Cherifa Naffeti is our new Cover Model. Before you jump to the video interview and to the photo gallery, allow me to introduce her to the readers of Adversus. Let’s start by saying that working with Cherifa was like shooting in the middle of a storm. Cherifa is like a tornado, she laughs, she talks, she tells stories and has strong opinions on everything and everybody. And she is not afraid to express them.

Cherifa is represented in Milano, where we shot and filmed her, by Major Model Management and during the shoot she was wearing some beautiful lingerie outfits from Christies.

We organized the cover model shoot with Cherifa in Milan, where she is currently based. Cherifa is 100% Tunisian, a really beautiful model, very tall, and – personal opinion of course – very much in line with the model look we saw on the catwalks in Milan and in Paris (yes, also models have their trends).

Can you introduce yourself?
Hi, I am Cherifa, I am 19 years old. I work with Major Model Management and I am Tunisian.

How tall are you?
I am 181cm tall :-)

Where do you live?
I live in Milan now.

What do you think about Milano?
Milano is beautiful, I love to work in Milano, even if in Milano they have mostly fashion weeks and fashion magazines, and not so many commercial jobs.

You told us before that you are a celebrity in Tunisia…
Yes, I am famous in Tunisia actually, because I have been working as a model since I was 14 years old. I started with a great designer. His name is Salah Barka, and I have been working in Tunisia 5 years already.

Let’s talk about top models. Who are your favorite top models?
Gisele, absolutely Gisele, the Brazilian model.

But she quit already…
Yes, I know. I am going to be the next one. I am going to take her place.

What do you like in Gisele?
I like the way she poses, her eyes, the body, I like all Gisele!

You were saying you are trying to go to New York now?
Yes, I want to go to New York and find an agency there, I want to be a top model…



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