Camila Fernandes – Adversus Cover Model

Camila Fernandes Adversus Cover Model - Photo: Alessio Cristianini
Camila Fernandes Adversus Cover Model – Photo: Alessio Cristianini

Camila Fernandes is one of those ‘surprise-models’. Very easy to connect with, no problem at all during the organization of the shoot, a dream to work with. And the results of this shoot amazed the whole team, photographer included :) Alessio

Where do you come from, and where are you based? I was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, but since two and a half years ago I have been living in Milano. I travel a lot for my work, in Italy but also mostrly to Germany and France.

How long have you been working as a model, and how did you start? I have been working eight year already. I was noticed by a talent scout in a mall. At that time my primary goal was volleyball, further I did not see myself as a fashion model. I was very skinny and tall, and at school they used to make fun of me. Finally I actually became a model, but I am sorry I had to give up playing volleyball.

What do you see in your future, professionally speaking? I have so many dreams and projects! Maybe you will soon hear about a Brazilian hip-hop singer… but I will not tell you more :

What is the nicest part of your work? Sometimes I work for television, but that is not really my favorite type of job. I would get into acting (and I have some projects in that direction…)

What is the type of man you easily fall in love with? The look is not really important to me. What I like is a man who can teach me things. I love the idea of sharing experiences with my partner, of growing together, and learning things together.

Are you the type for long relationships, or do you enjoy more the feeling of freedom? I have had a couple of serious relationships in my life, but at the moment I am single and I love it. This is how I like to be for the time being (until the prince on a white horse will come and pick me up…)



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