When beauty meets art. Azusa Higa on her paintings, and what makes a woman beautiful.

When beauty meets art. Azusa Higa on her paintings, and what makes a woman beautiful.
When beauty meets art. Azusa Higa on her paintings, and what makes a woman beautiful.

When you are not just a beautiful model. When your DNA has ART written on every single chromosome. When your need to express yourself through words, images, art, is so strong that… well, this is what happened to Azusa Higa, Japanese model, now also a very talented artist.

I met Azusa a few times in my life, in totally different areas of the world. Azusa is a traveler, and I am a traveler (nothing compared to Azusa, but still…). So we had the chance to meet several times, and work together twice so far and I can say that knowing her is person I could already see this new development in her career coming, one way or another.

Photo courtesy of Azusa Higa
Photo courtesy of Azusa Higa

What always struck me was Azusa’s capability to express her feelings through the short articles she regularly posts on her blog. I always thought she was a sort of modern poet, and when I heard she was now exploring – successfully – another artistic form of expression [painting] I was not surprised.

Of course, I wanted to know more, and of course I asked Azusa to tell me more about this new step forward in her career, to introduce her to our readers not just as the cover model we see on some of the most important men’s magazines, but as an artist.

How did you start painting?
My dad is an artist (he mainly does oil painting) so since I was a little girl he taught me how to draw. Maybe it is in my DNA…

What is painting for you?
I paint from my inspiration/images – I just follow my heart . To me, painting is more a sort of meditation.

What inspires you?
People, nature, music, film. And I really appreciate a woman’s beauty so I always look for and try to express a woman’s beauty through her gestures, her movements etc.

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Who are the artists who inspired you and keep inspiring you the most?
Mark Rothko (I was sitting in front of his painting for hours at Tate Modern… (it was amazing), Henri Matisse (I love his museum in the South of France, I guess I’ve been there already 3 or 4 times), Joan Miró, Maira Kalman.

How do you paint, usually? Do you use a model, a mirror, do you just use your fantasy and creativity?
Most of the time I just use my fantasy, but I do use a model sometimes. I must say I am quite picky! lol

How does the fact of being a model yourself affect your approach to painting?
I have enjoyed being a model in front of the camera for a long time so I know what is the best angle or pose, which is absolutely helpful for my art. But now I am more interested in being behind the camera,
I want to create photography and art now, so I want to focus on that aspect. Not just a model only.

What do you try to express through your paintings?
The beauty of nature, love, spirituality, and I try to express a woman’s delicate psychological intricacies, softness, fragility, and strength.

What makes a woman beautiful, sexy, attractive, in your opinion?
There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty. And also a beautiful HEART is very important. My mom always told me that a beautiful face may fade, a nice body will vanish, but a beautiful soul will last forever. I couldn’t agree more!

What will you surprise us with, next?
Hmmm.. you will see

Where can your art be seen, and bought? Is it delivered worldwide?
You can check my website at www.azusahiga.com and there is my art shop and delivered worldwide. Also you can contact the website for more information enquiries@azusahiga.com

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