The hair look Anthony Turner created for the Missoni Fall 2016 Fashion Show

Backstage at the Missoni Fashion Show in Milan we talked to Anthony Turner, hair stylist, and he explained the hair look he created for this show. A rock style, a girl who has been out all night, and you can see it from her hair look :-)

Check out the video or read the interview below. Have a look at the pictures and… do it yourself!

This is what Anthony Turner told us:

‘Basically the hair look for this season at Missoni is… [great!]. She is a very cool rock ‘n’ roll girl, very artsy, maybe she listens to Patti Smith. She is a kind of rock ‘n’ roll. She is very very cool. She doesn’t really care. She knows she looks great. She really doesn’t do a lot to her hair. Basically it is a little bit undone, a little bit tousled. Very rock ‘n’ roll hair. Almost a little Kate Moss somewhere as well. So it feels very easy and it is really great hair to do and really great hair to achieve as well at home.’

‘Basically I am using Root Boost by Moroccanoil all the way through the hair, using quite a lot of it because I want a matte finish. It is not about shine. It is almost if it is the day after the night before. So she has been to a concert, she has been to see a rock band somewhere and she is all kind of lived in and it is 6 o’clock in the morning and she is walking home. So it is the idea of this kind of lived in, mushy, kind of very cool hair.’

‘And then I am using the Luminous Hairspray also by Moroccanoil, just to finish off, because we want a little bit of high hair at the crown and I going to pull it a little bit over the eye, and when the girls are dressing they have these great Missoni scarves and basically I am going to trap the hair inside the scarves and pull some bits out. So it feels like she is in a hurry. Just very nonchalant and easy.’

Tousled hair backstage at the FW 2016 2017 Missoni Fashion Show, hair: Anthony Turner @Moroccanoil, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Hair look Missoni FW 2016 2017. hair: Anthony Turner
Hair look Missoni FW 2016 2017. hair: Anthony Turner @ Moroccanoil, photo: courtesy of Missoni

Mark Carrasquillo and the Etro FW2016/17 makeup looks

Backstage at the Etro Fall Winter 2016 2017 Fashion Show in Milan we talked to Mark Carrasquillo, internationally famous Makeup Artist. Mark Carrasquillo – together with the MAC team – was in charge of the make up looks for this show. This is what he told us.

Check out the video interview and/or read the interview below. Carrasquillo provides us with useful tips. Copy the look!

Mark Carrasquillo: We are doing a really natural brow, as clean as possible skin and a bronzy healthy cheek and then I powder over it so it buries the bronzer a little bit under the powder and then hopefully it is going to look like a real skin, like the girl is a little bit flushed and real.

I want the girls to look real, like they are partying and dancing. It is really real-girl make-up. I can’t say anything else about it. It is what girls do. They make themselves feel pretty. They put some mascara and some eyeliner. They want to have fun. It is not conceptual at all. It is real, it like your sister’s make-up, your make-up.

Backstage at Etro SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Backstage at Etro SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman

James Pecis, hair looks at Costume National

We asked James Pecis, world famous hair stylist, to explain the hair looks for the Costume National Fall 2016 Show in Milan. A very interesting hair look, not so easy to copy at home but not impossible either. Follow his instructions, and copy the look!

Hair trends: Daks Show

Backstage at the Daks Fall Winter 2016 2016 Men’s Fashion Show we talked to Jan Prezemyk about the hair styles of the models.

Hair styles: Corneliani Show

Backstage at the Corneliani Fashion Show in Milano, Fall Winter 2016 2017, we met and talked to Joseph Pujalte about the hair styles for this show. Watch the video, learn how to copy these hair looks.

Hair styles at Vivienne Westwood’s

Eugene Souleiman, one the best hair stylists in the fashion world, talked to us and explained the hair styles he created for the Vivienne Westwood Men’s Show in Milano (AW 2016 2017). Enjoy the video interview (or read the interview below) and copy the look.

We are backstage at Vivienne Westwood. I wanted to create quite a raw, quite a textured kind of feeling to the hair, almost the feeling of if someone was in the dessert, the hair would be worn out by the wind, by nature, by the forces. Something really quite raw, and cool looking. Whatever that means…

There is a lot of texture in the collection, a lot of color. And there is the make-up actually which is quite unusual. I really the idea of it. It is like eyelashes, fake eyelashes, and also nails. So I wanted to do something more masculine, more tough, more raw, just to play with the contrast, and the textures in the collection.

So my look is very beautiful, and very broken and very cool. It has nothing to do with looking perfect or like in the saloon. I have been using a lot of products in the hair. To start off I really wanted to bomb the texture of the models’ hair up. Like it is more of what it was, make it more chaotic, make it more angry also. And tougher.

We sprayed a leave-in conditioner by System Professional Wella on the roots of the hair just to give it that three-, four-day old kind of unwashed feeling where the roots are shiny, but not too shiny, a kind of satin shine, and it feels a kind of dirty. Afterwards we sprayed a product called ‘Sugar Lift’ [Wella Professionals] that gives you the feeling of bleached hair. When you touch bleached hair, and you move it, it stays exactly where you put it. That is what we did.

We threw the comb away, we threw the blow dryer away, we threw the brush away. It is something more angrier, rawer, cooler. All the guys have very different lengths of hair. Some guys have very short hair, some guys have long, kind of cave man hair, which we make it look even more like a cave man.

So really, it is about the hands, massaging the hair, loosening it up, and just generally give the guys the feeling like they could be in a band, and they have been performing and are now off-stage. That is the real feeling.

For me, being English, Westwood is someone who I have grown up with, she is someone who is part of my culture. I can always remember buying my clothes at the time. They were the first designer clothes that I ever bought, and I still love them and I still wear them.

So I really like the sensibility of the Westwood world. I get it all. For me it is an honor to do this show. And I really wanted to do something that looks super, great. I think this looks really well with the collection and everyone seems very happy with it, and I think for me it is really about stepping back a little bit and just doing something that is appropriate. And this to me feels very right.

Thank you, Eugene.

Vivienne Westwood FW 2016 2017, hair: Eugene Souleiman, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Vivienne Westwood FW 2016 2017, hair: Eugene Souleiman, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Vivienne Westwood FW 2016 2017, hair: Eugene Souleiman, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Vivienne Westwood FW 2016 2017, hair: Eugene Souleiman, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Vivienne Westwood FW 2016 2017, hair: Eugene Souleiman, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Vivienne Westwood FW 2016 2017, hair: Eugene Souleiman, ph. Charlotte Mesman