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Dream Hotel Bangkok, Sukhumvit Soi 15

"Dream Hotel Bangkok, Sukhumvit Soi 15"

In the heart of Bangkok, less than 5 minutes walk from Asoke BTS station, we discovered a new hotel. New for us, because Dream Hotel Bangkok opened about two years ago, at the end of 2006.

A friend of mine who likes to surprise me with 'trendy places tips', suggested I visit the Dream Hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 15. 'I think is should be in your list of trendy places on Adversus' she told me.

Well, she was right. Again. The hotel is exactly how we expected it to be after visitng their website for some proper pre-visit research (and it does not happen very often, official websites have the tendency to offer a much nicer image of their product. It is marketing, after all).

Dream Hotel Bangkok is the place where - without any doubt - I would want my friends and relatives to stay when they visit Bangkok. Why? Well… because it is a trendy (and I mean real trendy), elegant and sophisticated place.

It is at (very short) walking distance from BTS and subway so you can easily reach almost any place in Bangkok without worrying about the traffic, and - for those who enjoy the nightlife - it is right in the heart of one of the busiest areas on the Bangkok Nightlife Map.

Location turned out to be one of the most important elements when choosing a hotel - in our experience at least - and this hotel shares the same location with some of the biggest and most central hotels in Bangkok.

Owned by Vikram Chatwal - an American hotelier of Indian Sikh heritage - Dream Hotel Bangkok has a twin brother right in the Heart of Manhattan, New York. They share most of their features but like most twins they are not identical.

And this one, let me add, has a plus. This one is located in Bangkok.

The hotel lobby (the main hotel lobby, because there are now two wings, in two separate but adjacent buildings) is quite impressive. Think of traditional-revisited thai style designed by Andy Warhol under the supervision of Salvador Dali.

Purists will turn up their nose after reading my association, but - believe me - this is really what it looks like. And it looks extremely good.

At the second floor is Flava Lounge. A pink leopard (yes, a full size plastic pink leopard - a celebrity, we have been told) stands right in front of the bar, Flava restaurant is on the left side.

Everything here is carefully designed and very thought of. Lights, colors, furniture, music… a lounge bar where one can enjoy some relaxing time before or after dinner.

Flava restaurant serves both Thai and Wester food. There is also a 'Flava Lite' restaurant at the 11th floor roof top of the second building (called Dream2), by the swimming pool. Flava Light serves light snacks and refreshing cocktails.

The Lounge bar and the restaurant, like all other facilities at Dream Hotel Bangkok, are open to both hotel guests and outside guests. On the third floor - talking about facilities - guests can enjoy high quality spa treatments at Avatar Spa, Treatment suites include steam room and shower and can accommodate couples.

The rooms.195 rooms, ranging from the Classic Room to the Dream Suite. What is different is the size of the rooms, because interior design and amenities (including free hi speed wireless and LAN internet access in every room.

European hotels have a long way to go…) are the same. The soft blue light in the bedroom will make your sleep even more restful, and the blue light under the bed will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. True, believe us.

The price is very reasonable, especially if you consider the quality and the services offered by Dream Hotel Bangkok, and it will vary according to the season and the type of room. Our advice is to keep an eye on the official site of the hotel, where special offers and packages are regularly published.

What we liked. The design, the free hi speed internet, the lounge bar

What we did not like. Nothing, this time we really liked the place :)

Dream Hotel Bangkok
10 Sukhumvit Soi 15
Bangkok 10110
Telephone +66 (0) 2254 8500
Fax +66 (0) 2254 8534