Azusa Higa Adversus Cover Model

Every time I work with Azusa Higa (work is a big word) she looks more beautiful than the previous time. And every time I meet her she surprises me with some unexpected news about her life. Azusa Higa is now increasingly busy with her new career as a painter, a very talented painter let me add (you can read more about Azusa’s paintings here). As you can imagine this has been the main (but not the only one) subject of our conversations on the set, while shooting her new cover model feature for ADVERSUS.

But we talked about a lot of things, more or less private, and those we can disclose can be read in the interview here below :-) Alessio.

Azusa, this is the third time we shoot together, and this time we also shot a very sexy video, and each time we meet there is something new in your life. You are a painter, and a very talented one. When did you decide to start painting professionally, and what made you decide to undertake this career?

Azusa Higa: It was nice to see you and shoot together again. Hmm, I don’t know exactly when but I have always been interested in art since I was a little girl. I just always love to do something I am really passionate for. Passion is very important in my life.

What are your favorite subjects?

Azusa Higa: Woman. Beauty. Nature.

I see a little bit of Azusa in many of your paintings. What I mean is that in your paintings I often see something which reminds me of you. Your eyes, your mouth, your hair. Is it me seeing Azusa everywhere, or do you actually put a little bit of your own image in your paintings?

Azusa Higa: Yes I am so vain… am I!? Haha, no… to be honest I never think about myself when I paint but many people say the same thing… so  maybe you are right! lol

When do you paint? What is the moment of the day when you usually feel inspired to paint?

Azusa Higa: Any moment, I can’t tell when exactly, so I always have a pencil and small notebook ready next to me.

During the shoot you often ‘analyzed’ me through my astrological sign… quite scary for me to hear how right your analysis was. Where does this interest in astrology come from, and how did you learn so many things about it?

Azusa Higa: Sorry to scare you! I am into psychology very much, so I studied psychology when I was at the university and read lots of books about it (again it’s all about my passion and curiosity). I personally believe that astrology is real in the minds of many people but of course it’s not everything. How they grow up, relationship with their family/ friends, childhood are more major influences in our life/personalities. So I don’t judge people by their zodiac sign, but I do love to observe and analyze people from their actions, astrological sign etc… all mixed up.

Shall we talk about men? Is there a recurring type of man you keep falling for? In any case, what our readers for sure want to know is: what type of man can still make you lose your head?

Azusa Higa: I don’t have any specific favorite type of man, but I do love smart (street smart also) intelligent guys. Guys with a six pack, who are into ‘machoism’ do not attract me at all. They are just like a girl who is only interested in her looks (boobs and butt) sigh …I go for personality. Looks are just a bonus. I can’t and won’t even date guy if he is not intelligent and does not have an interesting view on life.

What do you do when you like a man? How do you let him understand you like him?

Azusa Higa: Hmm normally I don’t do anything… lol… because I want to be natural, be myself, and I don’t text or call that much  (I have a phone-phobia, so I don’t pick up the phone even if the guy I really like calls me lol ) so it is kind of difficult to let him know my feelings… But I will tell him “I like you” in a very simple and casual way.

We talked about painting, which is not exactly a hobby but a real ‘passion’. What are your other hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time (if you have any free time)?

Azusa Higa: Traveling, taking photos, boxing, reading books. And I love to collect vinyl discs.

Vinyl discs? I sometimes walk in front of a second hand vinyl discs shop, and I always ask myself who – in the 21st century – still buys vinyl discs. Azusa Higa is obviously one of them… :-) How did you start collecting vinyl discs? And why?

Azusa Higa: Hahaha yeah.. My super cool friend thought me so much about music, so it is mostly because of his influence.

And how do you use them? Do you transfer the music to your mp3 player, or do you listen to your vinyl discs at home, on a traditional 20th century “electromagnetic pickup” stereo gear?

Azusa Higa: I don’t transfer, I listen at home mostly… and relax.

What type of music, which genres, do you like to buy on vinyl?

Azusa Higa: I like classic, opera, jazz, and 60s, 70s music such as the Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel… etc… because my parents love this type of music, so I was always listening to these artists when I was a young girl. I also like John Mayer, Sade…

And your top three songs? The three songs you could not live without are…

Azusa Higa: Wow it is difficult to choose. As Classic I love “Canon in D”. It is my all time favorite. As Opera I love Maria Callas “O mio babbino caro”, as 60-80s… Too many! I can’t choose one!

Thank you for your time. See you next time, somewhere :-)

Azusa Higa: Somewhere in the world ;) !



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