Arrisa Tipluy – ADVERSUS cover model

Arrisa Tipluy photographed by Alessio Cristianini
Arrisa Tipluy photographed by Alessio Cristianini

Arrisa Tipluy, our new cover model, is also the very first ADVERSUS cover model to be featured not only in pictures, but also in a video, the video you can see right here.



Arrisa comes from Thailand, and she lives in Bangkok where she works in communication and marketing. Since the first moment I knew this one was going to be a great cover model feature. Arrisa is tall and she has a very nice fit body, exactly the model I needed for this shoot, and for the very first video on ADVERSUS.

Three words to describe yourself?

Kind, sexy, smart (…and sexy she is – Ed.)

What do you like the most in your body?

Actually, I like it all :-) I think I have a good body, but if you want to know just one part of my body, I would say my breast.

Tell me something about yourself

What can I tell you? I love my job, and I have good friends. I am a happy girl, and I am proud of myself!

Ok, but these are all nice things… tell me something not so nice about your personality

I tend to have a negative thinking… is this bad enough for you? ;-)

What about your hobbies?

I love yoga. Going to the movies. And… fashion of course!

And what type of music do you usually listen to?

House music is absolutely my favorite. And then Hip hop, R&B, and sometimes Electro

Your “Achilles heel”…?

Well, sometimes when I am with friends and I drink a little too much… the day after I feel very… very bad, all day! Very bad, believe me.

Why are guys attracted by you?

What a difficult question… maybe because of my body, and my long hair?

I agree :-) So how do you  let a guy know you like him?

I will keep looking at him, until he notices me… then just a hint of a smile. That’s it… it usually works :-)

Flat shoes or high heels?

Definitely high heels

Cotton underwear or lace lingerie?

Again, absolutely lace lingerie

Need I say more? Arrisa is a natural born ADVERSUS cover model. Check her pictures, and watch her video. Alessio


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