Anuska Van Hemel is our new cover model, and she is without any doubt the most ‘ADVERSUS style’ model I ever photographed. Why? Well, I will keep it for myself. She is beautiful, she is tall, she has got style, she is creative and she is… ADVERSUS, as I said already. Anuska is a professional fashion model, so far she has been working in China, Milan and Paris. When we first met Anuska she looked like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine. We are sure that you not only appreciate her beauty, but also her spontaneity and originality in the interview below. Alessio

What makes Anuska unique?

Inner me. What makes me unique is that I have good people skills. I find it very interesting to observe the behavior of people and then examine their behavior.

Appearance. My mouth. Many people find it unique (Me too! XD).

Your modeling assignments took you to China, Milan and Paris. What can you tell us about these experiences?

I was scouted when I was 18 years old, via Hyves (at that time Hyves was a very popular social network in the Netherlands). Over time, I had some pictures published on Hyves and then my work as a model took me to China, where I spent six months. I remember the moment when I received my flight ticket, I was very happy! Excited I told all my friends and family, but unfortunately some people responded jealous.

Then I came in contact with a professional fashion agency in Milan, “Joy Models”. They invited me for a period of two months to work in Milan. They were all very sweet with me, and I was doing castings every day.

After that I was invited by a modeling agency in Paris. At the moment I am in contact with several modeling agencies including New York! That’s it… For now! :-)

Which fashion designer would you like to work for?

My name already answers your question! Anuska “from Heaven” (Van Hemel in Dutch mean “From Heaven”) So you can understand I want to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. I am ‘From Heaven’ so I think I have a point here. Hahahaha …!

And I also heard you are a singer…?

Yes, I am pretty good at singing, especially with some artists, Lana Del Rey is one of them. When I was 16, I had no idea how I would be able to become model, but eventually I found my way. Hahahahaha. Now I wonder what should I do to become a singer :-)

What are your dreams?

Sometimes I want to get away from this world, and I want to find a place where everyone is happy.

And my professional dream… I would really like to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. These ‘angels’ are true beauty icons. But I would also like to be an ‘angel’ to help people with their needs, an angel in the true sense of the word.

What makes you happy?

I am happy when I do not have to think about the things that have hurt me in the past, and sometimes still hurt me.

A nice beach makes me happy, diving / surfing / whale watching / fishing with my dearest friend! Travel: culture, nature and meeting new interesting people. Catwalk. If people who are important to me do or say positive things about me… That makes me feel loved.

And I get happy when I look at my Furby (my cat) when she plays and looks like a monkey, or plays hide and seek with me. I am happy if I can laugh at my own jokes. This means that I can enjoy myself! XD

Three things you can not miss:

All three Rank 1

My boyfriend
My parents
My cats

What is your beauty secret?

Because I do not want to look old, I make sure I do not burn my skin under the sun! I take care of my skin (from the inside). So I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruit contains acids that restore the skin and provide the skin cell renewal. I also try a good rest and I exercise a lot to avoid getting pimples. Exercise makes your skin perspire and keeps your skin clean.

Do you believe in love with capital L?

Love must be felt deep inside, and I do not believe that an uppercase or lowercase letter will make a difference that. As I said, you must have a deep feeling of love first, and only then you can believe in that word!

Alessio Cristianini for ADVERSUS


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