Anastasia Eltsova. The New Kate Moss?

Anastasia Eltsova ADVERSUS Cover Model - Photo by Alessio Cristianini
Anastasia Eltsova ADVERSUS Cover Model – Photo by Alessio Cristianini

Anastasia Eltsova is our new cover model. Anastasia is a very beautiful model from Russia, and we met and photographed her on a sunny and warm Saturday morning in Milano.

Nineteen years old, a petite body, Anastasia reminded us of a young Kate Moss, and it happened quite often during the shoot. Represented in Milano by The Lab Models Anastasia was really a pleasure to work with.

For this shoot – and for the video – Anastasia was wearing very sexy outfits by Sfizio and Beatrice B and very sexy high heels by Baldinini. Watch the video here below, read the interview, enjoy the photos. Alessio.

Name and model agency?
My name is Anastasia, my model agency is The Lab Models, in Milano.

Where are you from?
I am from Russia, but I am living in Poland right now.

How is life in your hometown?
Very different. It is a completely different life, compared with the model life. I travel just during the summer time because it is so hard to study. I study English language, and economy.

How did you start modeling?
I started in my hometown, a small city in Russia, it is part of Russia but it is so far… my friends invited me to do a photo session and that was my first step to become a model

Tell us more about your hobbies
I was a ballet dancer for 12 years, and this is my huge hobby. I am still interested in dancing, like different kinds of hip hop, if I have some opportunity to do, it is incredible for me

And what about your favorite style of music?
Deep house, before it was rock, but nowadays I prefer deep house to relax, or from time to time jazz to sit at home and relax a bit after work…

What do you like the most in your body? What is your best feature?
I like my lips when I just wakep up, they are so big, and they look so sweet and cute in the morning… so… I like my lips!

High heels or flat shoes?
High heels, I can say high heels. I love high heels, I have a huge amount of shoes, like different brands and I love Louis Vuitton, and also I like Zara. It is not good quality actually but you can use this kind of clothes every day and you do not care about it, if you are going somewhere you just put on your white tshirt and just some shirts, you go out and it looks good.

How do you dress in your everyday life?
It depends, because if I am working as a model, I am just going with a black tshirt, I already mentioned some jeans, or pants, it depends. At my university instead, I look like just a normal student, no one can say that I am a model

Anastasia Eltsova is represented in Milano by The Lab Models

Alessio Cristianini


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