Anastasia. Actress, model, aspiring filmmaker and… our new cover model

Anastasia ADVERSUS Cover Model - Photo: Alessio Cristianini
Anastasia ADVERSUS Cover Model – Photo: Alessio Cristianini

Anastasia is not just a typical model, she is much more than that. Actually model is a quite restrictive definition, for a corporate finance specialist turned model at first, then actress and now also movie writer and producer (and writing and producing short movies is what she really likes to do).

But let’s start from the beginning. Anastasia comes from Moscow, Russia, where she studied economy and finance, and started a successful career in the financial business. Successful, but it was clearly not what she had in mind for her future. And so it was that Anastasia decided to give it a clean cut, and move first to Spain to start working as a model, and then to Asia, to Bangkok more precisely.



And it was in Bangkok that we met Anastasia, and organized this cover model feature. Shooting Anastasia was not difficult, at all. She is beautiful – everybody can see that – but also very experienced and very professional. And creative, because when we decided to shoot a short video on the set, at the end of the photoshoot, it was thanks to her energy and ideas that in only 10 minutes we put together a very nice and energetic short video. Starring… Anastasia, of course!

If you want to know more about Anastasia watch the second of the two videos you see on this page. In the interview video Anastasia talks about how she started, what she likes in the movie and acting world, and what her plans for the future are (hint: writing and producing!).

Of course on this page you will also find a very beautiful gallery of exclusive images dedicated to our ADVERSUS Cover Model, Anastasia. Watch, and enjoy.

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