Alberta Ferretti SS 2016. The freedom of the desert

Nature, the warmth of the summer, the feeling of lightness that comes with freedom. An image of unrestricted spaces, so vast and wide that they stretch into infinity, like a desert. It’s an ideal landscape. A place that invites the mind to a state of creative freedom and towards the most immediate and original expression of oneself. This collection describes the energy that can be released by the freedom of the desert and portrays a woman who transforms it into pure originality.

Alberta Ferretti SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman
Alberta Ferretti SS 2016, ph. Charlotte Mesman

«I pictured a unique and special woman who lives in wide open spaces, freeing her imagination, without any restrictions. This is why each design has a unique identity. I wanted them to emphasize strong characters and make women desirable, while making them feel sexy».


This Alberta Ferretti collection is a Burning Fashion Festival. Just like in the Burning Man Festival, in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, Ferretti creates a celebration of organza, precious embroideries, lace inlays, and frayed woven strips of chiffon, recreating an image of fluttering butterflies and glowing fireflies.

Nature takes over construction; the free spirit surpasses wariness. Slip dresses shaped from patchworks of lace and paired with linen blouses and culottes. Bralettes are worn over shirts and light transparent layers. Lace is carefully placed over crinolines, blouses, and chiffon tops, with a finishing of raw frayed hems. Little dresses are detailed with visible stitching, reminiscent of fringes. There are long silk safari jackets and double layered linen trench coats lined with silk. Woven bustier gowns decorated with long flowing chiffon ribbons. Silk parachute dresses with crocheted lace necklines held by metal rings and encrusted frayed petals created by overlapping fabrics. And at last, suede vests and dresses adorned with three-dimensional embroideries woven with metal rings and paired with little matching backpacks.