Aisha Howard – COVER MODEL


Aisha Howard is our new cover model. A face, and a body, you cannot forget easily, whether you are just looking at these pictures, or even if you happened to… take the above mentioned pictures :-)

Aisha is from new York, but we met her and shot this cover model feature in Milano, where she spends part of her time, for professional reasons. New York, Paris and Milano are the three cities she currently calls home. Shooting with Aisha was an experience, and what an experience! She is a very smart and funny girl, beautiful and sometimes a little (just a little!) crazy. In a good way.

How did you end up in Milano?
For my work, but also for love…

Before starting your modeling career you played basketball, at very high level…
yes, I used to play basketball at the University. But the, unluckily, a knee injury forced me to stop and to undergo three knee surgeries.

I then dedicated myself to yoga, I am a yoga teacher now. Sport was my life, and now I cannot play any sport anymore because of this injury, so yoga is one of the few things I can do. And I love it.

And how did you end up in Paris, instead?
I was there for my studies. I studied international law.

Do you think that being not just a good lawyer but also a beautiful girl could help your career?
I would say that it is possible

Are you an artistic type of person?
When I was younger I always used to do something artistic, singing, dancing, and painting successively. And now, after my knee injury, all this is coming back into my life.

Maybe this is one of the few positive things your knee injury brought to your life…
Yes, I think so. Maybe I have to thank destiny for this.



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