Penthesilea model by Alessio Cristianini
Penthesilea model by Alessio Cristianini

Penthesilea is our new cover model. She comes from Holland, and this is not the first time she appears on the cover of ADVERSUS. Second cover model feature for Penthesilea this time featured also in a cover model video. You can find the video here.

Three words to describe yourself

I am sweet, very intelligent and persevering.

Your best quality is…

My best trait is that I am very loving and caring for everyone, but especially the people that I love.

And a bad aspect of your personality?

I am very dominant and can be very overwhelming. A born leader, as I always say to myself. ;-)

Your hobbies?

I love shopping, sleeping, dining, cleaning and cuddling with my beloved fiancée and my baby Iwani!

Your favorite music?

Hip hop, latin house, r&b, dancehall & reggaeton. I like music that I can dance to. I love to dance.

The craziest thing you have ever done in your life?

Ehmmm, I actually do not do crazy things… But the craziest thing I’ve ever done, was dancing on the bar. And no, I was sober. I do not drink alcohol.

And the most embarassing moment of your life?

That was when I was 14, in high school. I had no breasts and my bra was stuffed with tissues. At some point everyone started laughing and pointing at me. When I found out that the tissues had come out of my bra. I really wanted to die of shame. Now I can laugh about it, and luckily it came good with my breasts. ;-)

What attracts you in a man?

My ideal man is well-mannered, has respect for me. Is caring, romantic, sweet, intelligent and ambitious. Wait a minute, I’ve just described my fiance…

What do you do when you see a guy you like? How do you let him know you like him?

I make eye contact, smile occasionally to him and that is usually enough to make sure he comes to me.

The most stupid compliment you ever received…

Good question, because there are many. But the most stupid: ” Now I’ve seen you, I believe in God. ”

How important is sex in your life?

Not important, I think intimacy is very important!

What do you like the most in your body?

I’m very happy with my body, but most of my narrow waist and the bone structure of my face.

Flat shoes or high heels?

Always high heels, I feel so feminine! I do not even own flat shoes.

Cotton underwear or lace lingerie?

Both. It depends on the occasion…


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