Adversus cover model: Alexandra. A beautiful model from Sweden

Adversus cover model: Alexandra. Photo by Alessio Cristianini - Lingerie Parah - Model Agency Boom Models Milano
Adversus cover model: Alexandra. Photo by Alessio Cristianini – Lingerie Parah – Model Agency Boom Models Milano

Our new cover model is Alexandra, a very beautiful, very smart and very, very talkative (and we like that) model from Sweden. We met, photographed and interviewed (do not forget to watch the video below!) Alexandra on a sunny, warm and relaxing morning in Milano. In Milano, Alexandra is represented by Boom Models Agency and during the shoot our cover model was wearing Parah lingerie, from fall winter 2017 2018 collection.

Everything I had in mind for this cover model photoshoot and interview was changed last minute, because Alexandra was so full of stories, of ideas, and enthusiasm, that our standard interview became instead a behind the scenes real-life conversation filmed in real time. What else to expect from a model? Read on, enjoy the photo gallery and the video interview. Alessio


Adversus cover model: Alexandra

Name and agency in Milano?
My name is Alexandra, I am currently in Milano with Boom Models Agency.

How old are you?
I am 23 years old, actually I turned 23 years old last week here in Milano

Where are you from?
I am from Stockholm, Sweden

How is life in your hometown?
It is very quiet. I live a little bit outside of Stockholm, in a small harbor city. It is very near the nature, the sea, a totally different feeling from big cities like Milan or Paris. It is clean and close to the nature, I like to go back home, relax and spend my time with family and friends.

How long have you been modeling?
I have been modeling for 4 years now, the last year and a half as a full time model

How did you start modeling?
It is a funny story. I was in a shopping mall with my mom, we saw a competition for the new face of a hair product, I took part, and I won. After finishing my school I decided to model full time.

Your goals, as a model?
I have the dream to move to the usa, New York and Los Angeles. A dream would be to be the face of an important campaign, or being part of Vogue magazine. How cool would that be?

Three words to describe yourself
Positive, driven and spontaneous.

Your hobbies?
My hobby is to do creative things, with my hands, paint, do art. I like to challenge my body in different kinds of sports, especially hiking, I like to go climbing, the mountains, I really love that.

Your favorite music?
I like all kind of music, it depends on my mood. Because, I can listen to Bob Marley, and also to Justin Bieber, I love it! Music is a beautiful thing for me, I can listen to everything.

Do you play any instrument?
I took music lessons, my mom wanted me to study music, so she took me to a guitar teacher but after a while… he sent me home, he said I cannot play :-)

Shopping and fashion. Your fashion style? How do you dress when you are not busy with castings or model work?
I love fashion, you create your own style. When I go to castings I always dress black, and tight to show my body. But in my free time I like to mix new and old stuff, cute with cool, to create my own kind of style. I also like to be comfortable. I like to go shopping at Zara, vintage store in the cities when I travel to, to find some unique stuff.

You can follow Alexandra @alexandraafri


We would like to thank Boom Models Agency


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